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Utah Workshop on Methods and Applications in Molecular and Solid-State Theory


Abstracts are to be submitted as pdf documents, following the detailed instructions given in this link.

You may find it convenient to use the the LaTeX file producing this template, modifying it to make an abstract conforming to the required specifications.  Here is a link to the LaTeX file.

You may use other software to prepare an abstract, but the abstract should conform in detail to the specified style and be submitted as a pdf document.

After the pdf abstract has been prepared, log on using your identifier and select the action alternative that will submit or resubmit your abstract.  The deadline for abstract submission is (…date), and any changes to abstracts made by that date will be reflected in the printed program.   Abstracts not submitted by the deadline will be accepted for review but may not be included in the materials distributed to all participants.  At the discretion of the organizers a contribution corresponding to the abstract may be accepted for presentation at the Workshop.


Last Updated: 2/7/19