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Utah Workshop on Methods and Applications in Molecular and Solid-State Theory

Registration & Fees


Please supply the information requested here to create an entry for you in our database.  An entry is needed only for scientific participants (or other persons desiring to receive Workshop information).  A database entry is required to register, to submit an abstract, to obtain lodging at negotiated rates, to book excursions (including those for accompanying persons), or to submit a paper for the Proceedings.  It does nor by itself generate any obligations.

            Name: ________________________________________
            Title (Prof., Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc):   __________
            Email address:     ___________________________
            Institutional affiliation:  _____________________________________________
            Postal address: ______________________________________________

  • Button to press when data is complete; report error if required item is absent

If OK, respond with: You are now listed to receive Workshop information.
Your logon identifier is _________ (keep a record of this; if you lose it, for help contact the organizers).


Participant Fees

The registration fee includes all meals during the Workshop, the use of conference center facilities, a musical concert, and a printed copy of the Workshop program and abstracts.  The meals covered by the registration fee consist of:
Morning break service (including continental breakfast) for (dates)
Lunch buffet for (dates)
Afternoon break service for (dates)
                   Dinners for (dates), including the welcoming reception on (date) and the banquet
                       dinner on (date).

            The fee structure for scientific participants is (in US dollars) as follows:

Conference fees (in USD)

  Early registration
(before TBA)
Normal registration
(before TBA)
On-site registration
Participant TBA TBA TBA
Committee member TBA TBA TBA
Students TBA TBA TBA
Accompanying person TBA TBA TBA


Note that the “Early Bird” discounted rate applies only to payments received or postmarked no later than (date), and the normal “Standard” rate applies to payments received or postmarked no later than (date).  Later registration will be possible, but at a “Late” rate that takes into account our higher costs in making last-minute changes to the catering arrangements.
The student/postdoc rate applies to persons whose status is verified by an appropriate communication from their scientific advisor or department.


Accompanying Person Fees

Accompanying persons need to be included in registration only if they wish to participate in meal service or excursions; children three years old or less need not be registered and their meal service and excursions will be free.  There are ample opportunities in Park City to purchase meals external to the Workshop arrangements.   The meal service offered to accompanying persons includes:
Morning break service (including continental breakfast) for (dates)
Lunch buffet for (dates)
                   Dinners for (dates), including the welcoming reception on (date) and the banquet
                       dinner on (date).
The fees for accompanying persons are (in US dollars) as follows:


  • Table:  Meal service for accompanying person (adult, ages 12+)  xxxx
  Early registration
(before TBA)
Normal registration
(before TBA)
On-site registration
Meal service for accompanying person (adult, ages 12+) TBA TBA TBA
 Meal service for accompanying child (ages 4-11) TBA TBA TBA



Payment Options

Fees can be paid by credit card, wire transfer, or check.  In case a registrant withdraws from participation no later than (date), the fee (less a $50 administrative charge) will be refunded to the party who made the original payment.  No refund will be made for withdrawals from participation after (date).  Lodging deposits (if required) are refundable by the provider under whatever conditions it has specified.


Special Requirements

Please indicate any special requirements, including special dietary requirements, on the on-line registration form.  We will advise as to whether we can accommodate any such requirements.



Unless the organizers are asked in writing not to do so, your name, institution, and email address will be included in a list provided to all participants and sponsors.



The Workshop organizers do not accept liability for personal injury, medical expenses, or loss or damage to property belonging to participants.  Participants should have the amount of personal insurance they deem advisable.



Workshop Registration

To proceed to workshop registration, click the navigation button labeled log on and be prepared to enter your log-on identifier.


  • Create registration form soliciting the following info:

Name and institution for Workshop badge

Participation type:  Regular, student/postdoc, Committee member (honorary,
           International scientific, local), sponsor
           (indicate fee payable for the type chosen)

Type of contribution: invited (received invitation), contributed oral, poster
  For any proposed or invited paper:  Title (abstract must be submitted before   paper will be accepted)
  Do you plan to submit a paper for the Proceedings?   Yes/no/maybe
  Expected arrival/departure dates and times
Accompanying persons:  Badge info, fee payable

Hotel reservation desired

Special requirements, scientific participant and/or accompanying persons

Total fee:  indicate payment type (credit card, wire transfer, mailed check)

(Checks must be for an amount denominated in US dollars and be drawn on a US bank);  further information to capture any required payment data



Last Updated: 2/6/19