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Utah Workshop on Methods and Applications in Molecular and Solid-State Theory

Travel Information

The Workshop headquarters is at (…hotel), located at (…address) in Park City, Utah, telephone (number). Park City is in the Wasatch mountains east of Salt Lake City, at an elevation of about 6200 ft (2000 m). At the time of the Workshop the probable daytime temperature in Park City is likely to reach a maximum of around 20 C (68 F); during the evening the temperature usually drops to between 0 C and 10 C. Rain or snow, though possible, is not likely.

Participants arriving by air should fly into Salt Lake City (SLC), which is a major hub for Delta Air Lines. SLC is also served by several other airlines, including the discount air carriers JetBlue and Southwest.

Transportation between SLC and Park City (about 30 miles) is provided by several shuttle services, and can be arranged in advance (on-line) but is easily done upon arrival in SLC at booths in the arrival areas in either Terminal 2 (Delta Air Lines) or Terminal 1 (most other carriers). It is also possible to use a taxi to reach Park City, but this alternative will not be cost-effective unless there are several travelers. If you use a taxi, you may want to try to negotiate the price before starting the trip.
Providers of shuttle services include the following; rates vary but are approximately $45 per person one way or $82 round-trip (less for children under 12). Take the shuttle either to your Park City hotel (you will need to know its address) or to the Workshop headquarters.

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It is also possible to rent a car and drive yourself to Park City; one can keep the car and use it to return to the airport or (for some rental companies) return it to a Park City location. Participants from outside the U.S. desiring to rent a vehicle should check on-line the rental car company’s license documentation requirements. There are free buses connecting most Park City destinations, so one can easily access most locations in Park City without a personal vehicle.

Driving instructions from SLC: The main exit from the SLC airport connects to Interstate I-80; go east on I-80 (toward downtown Salt Lake City), but stay on I-80 for about 20 miles to Exit 145 (Park City exit, state route 224). . Proceed south on 224 to Park City (about 7 miles); as one enters Park City (after passing a large white barn in a meadow on the right-hand side), continue to the third traffic signal after the barn, and turn left there (onto Route 248, Kearns Boulevard). Then,
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Driving instructions, general: If approaching Salt Lake City from east on I-80, exit I-80 at Mile 145 (Park City exit) and follow the instructions given above. If approaching SLC from the west on I-80, go through the city and exit at Mile 145. If approaching Salt Lake City from north or south on I-15, turn onto I-80 going east when it joins I-15 and exit at I-80 Mile 145.

Visas: Persons who are citizens of certain countries (including most of western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and some other countries), may be eligible to visit the U.S. without a visa. Details of this visa waiver program (VWP), which requires action prior to travel to a U.S. port of entry, and other visa-related questions, may be found on the U.S. Department of State web pages linked to words earlier in this paragraph. Whether or not eligible for the VWP, one may enter the US if in possession of a valid visa.

Prospective participants needing evidence of an invitation to participate in the Workshop should communicate with the organizers.

Links to State Dept pages:

Last Updated: 2/6/19