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The Department of Physics and Astronomy is located on the north-west side of the University of Utah's main campus--on what was originally called the "Engineering Mall." We are located just east of the Kingsbury Hall Performing Arts Center and across the street from "Greek Row." Our main departmental office is located in room 201 of the James Fletcher Building, and our main phone number is (801) 581-6901. The Visiting Us page offers tips for visiting our campus, including directions and maps.

Our phone number is: (801) 581-6901 Our FAX number is: (801) 581-4801 Our mailing address is:

Dept. of Physics Astronomy
University of Utah
201 James Fletcher Bldg.
115 South 1400 East 
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0830.

Our Campus Address is: 201 James Fletcher Bldg.




 Useful Contacts in the Department of Physics and Astronomy:

Interim Department Chair

Christoph Boehme

Christoph Boehme 
(801) 581-6806

Associate Chair


Ben Bromley

Ben Bromley 
(801) 581-8227


Chair's Assistant


Heidi Frank
(801) 581-5697

Graduate Coordinator 

Bryce Nelson 

Bryce Nelson
(801) 581-6901


Executive Secretary 

Rochelle Tarin-Olivas 
Rochelle Tarin-Olivas 
(801) 585-1754


Graduate Director

Zheng Zheng 
Zheng Zheng   
(801) 585-5973


Grants Contract Officer  

Krista Perkins 
(801) 581-6861

Undergraduate Director

John Belz
(801) 585-9620

 Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Cyri Dixon 
Cyri Dixon  
(801) 587-0650

Undergraduate Honors Advising

Anil Seth
(801) 585-7793

 Accounting, Payroll, Financials

(801) 581-6374 

Astronomy Outreach

Tabitha Buehler
(801) 585-0485

Observatory (Star Parties Observatory Tours)

Tabitha Buehler / Paul Ricketts
(801) 58-SPACE (801) 587-7223)


Julie Callahan
(801) 585-9331

Cosmic Ray

Frank Misak
(801) 581-6628 

Society of Physics Students (Lab Tours) 

 Development Coordinator

Michele Swaner 
Michele Swaner
(801) 580-9590



Last Updated: 8/22/19