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Department Safety Program

Every employee (technical non-technical) of the Department of Physics and Astronomy is required to read the department safety manual pass the test. This is an open book exam. The intent of this exam is to prove individual comprehension of the "Physics Astronomy Department Employee Safety Training Program" manual. Not only is it imperative that everyone performs their duties here in the Physics Astronomy Department in a safe manner, we also must comply with OSHA and EPA requirements. The results of this test will prove, through written documentation, that we are all trained and dedicated to working in a safe and environmentally conscious environment. When finished, please return test to Vicki Nielsen, 203 JFB. The old safety video is included above as a reference. It is not required for passing the test.

Safety Manual Test

*Note, to take the safety test, you must first be assigned to the course. to do so, send an email with your name and UnID# to: 

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• Harold Simpson
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Last Updated: 12/21/18