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A C-language Code to generate Cherenkov light from the Sembroski/Kurtzman kascade program.

Developed initially in 1992 by David Carter-Lewis, the cherenkf program has progressed through six versions to its present state. The code generates the Cherenkov photons from the kascade particle tracks and follows these photons to the ground plane. It calculates the atmospheric density, index of refraction, then generates an appropriate number of photons and tracks them to the ground. The shower core may be randomly distributed in a circular area
in the plane of the telescope.

Cherenkf requires these files:

GrISU/Simulation/cherenkov.pilot        parameter input file
GrISU/Config/Files/<configuration.cfg>  telescope-config file

GrISU/Simulation/Cherenk/kextint.dat    extinction parameters

GrISU/Simulation/Cherenk/cherenkf7.c    c-source files
GrISU/Atmos/atmospheric model files, select appropriate Makefile.
The following sections describe the cherenkf package
Cherenkf Input Parameters

Cherenkf Photon-List Output

Cherenkf Code Description

Cherenkf PreSet Parameters

Verification and Testing

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