CHERENKOV Pre-Set Paramenters

Parameters that are seldom changed are preset with define statements at the top of cherenkf7.c. Changing these parameters requires recompiling the code. These parameters include those listed in this table.

 Lower, upper wavelength cutoffs for Cherenkov radiation (meters) [185.0e-9, 685.0e-9]
 Wavelength used in calculating emission numbers, Cherenkov angles, etc. [400.0e-9]
 Eta at sea level for 400nm [2817e-7]
 Radian in degrees [57.2957791]
 Fine structure constant [1./137.036]
 Nano [1e-9]

 Atmospheric model parameters
 Asea in atmospheric model [0.0012250000]
 C11atm "[-99.5391872300]
 C22atm "[1.4027419991]

 Atmospheric extinction parameters
 Atmospheric extinction on [1]. (searchword: EXTINCT)
 Minimum lambda [180]
 Maximum lambda [900]
 Step in lambda [5]
 Altitude step [51]
 Extinction filename [Cherenk/kextinct.dat]. It contains 51 values for each wavelength between 180 and 900 nm in steps of 5 nm which are used if the atmospheric extinction is on.

 Tube quantum efficiency parameters
 Tube quantum efficiency on [0]. (searchword: USE_QE). Turned off here to leave the on/off decision for grisudet.
 Minimum lambda [185]
 Maximum lambda [685]
 Step in lambda [50]

 Constants used in YDS atmospheric function
 gms1 [230.8269624836]
 gms2 [9.4225972083]