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The GrISU Datareader a is program which analyzes a list of output files of GrISU/Analysis/analysis and produces several files an graphics about the existence of a gamma-ray source in the data.

The code is in the directory Datareader. To compile the code launch "make" in this directory:
GrISU/Datareader> make

Datareader needs several input:

  • A run list in standard input
  • A pilot file
  • the ".par" files (output of analysis)
  • The command line is:
    GrISU> Datareader/datareader -d datareader.pilot < runlist

    The default pilot file is "datareader.pilot" so if one use this pilot file the command line can be just:
    GrISU> Datareader/datareader < runlist

    Note that the run list can be written on line if the command line was just "Datareader/datareader" but it is not convenient.


    Pilot File



    Template Method

    Spectrum Analysis


    home        kascade         grisudet        cherenkov        analysis        utilities