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The run list file provides the file name and informations about the runs which will be analyzed.
These informations are:

  • Name of the ".par" file (output of Analysis/analysis launched by "nightscript")
  • Mode of the analysis
  • Amplitude of the wobble offset
  • Direction of the wobble offset
  • Duration of the run
  • Right Ascension of the tracked source
  • Declination of the tracked source
  • Number of Cuts
  • Start of the cut (only if cut flag != 0)
  • End of the cut (only if cut flag != 0)
  • Example of a line of the run list file:
    ../Processed/d20070117/33438.par 0 0.5 0 20 1.45967 0.384225 0

    The last line of the run list must be the flag: "END"
    Complementary information and comments could be written after the END.

    a)Name and Path

    To produce a correct summary table (cf. out put) the name of the file must finish by:
    yyyymmdd/rrrrr.par where yyyy is the year, mm the month, dd the day and rrrrr the run number.
    for instance: 20070110/33305.par.
    The first part of the name will be call the path. In run list line example above the path is:
    "../Processed/d" . So its length is 14. All runs must have the same path length.

    b)Analysis mode

    the Analysis mode is an integer which defines if the run will be use to estimate the "ON" source events number, the "OFF" source event number or for both.

  • 1 : ON mode (the tracked source is in the field of view)
  • -1 : OFF mode (run used to estimate the background only)
  • 0 : ON and OFF are both estimated (Wobble mode, ring background,...)
  • The standard analysis mode is 0

    c)Wobble Information

    The amplitude of the wobble offset is given in degrees, and the direction follows the code:

    North = 270
    South = 90
    East = 180
    West = 0


    The duration of the run is given in minutes. This value will be used to define the rate and the acceptance during the analysis. This duration is checked by the analysis program and if there is a strong difference, a warning message would appear on the screen.

    e)Tracking source direction

    The tracking direction is given in radian (Right Ascension and Declination). This direction must be the direction of the tracked source and not the camera center. For the Sky Survey analysis, the wobble amplitude offset must be set at zero and the tracking direction be the camera center.

    f)Run Cut

    A bad portion of a run could be suppressed thanks this command.

    If number of cuts = 0: the whole run is analyzed.
    If number of cuts = 1: the portion of the run between the 2 next value will not be is analyzed.
    If number of cuts = 2: 2 portions of the run will be cut etc.
    The start and end of the cut are given in minute from the start of the run.
    For instance, if the run list line is:
    ../Processed/d20070117/33438.par 0 0.5 0 14.7 1.45967 0.384225 2 2.2 5.5 10 12
    The events analyzed would be only those recorded from 0 to 2.2 min, from 5.5 and 10 min and from 12 min and 20min.
    *Note that the run duration must be corrected to take into account the cut.
    If the number of cuts flag is n, the line must 2*n values after the cuts number.

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