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A C-language Code modeling Whipple/Veritas ACT Telescopes with Input from the Cherenkov Light-producing Code

Initial work on this simulation code began in the summer of 2000. Our goal was to produce a package that included separate procedures for each element of the telescope and associated electronics. Specifically, the simulation code, grisudet.c, models an array of ACT (Atmospheric Cherenkov Technique) telescopes to detect atmospheric cosmic-ray showers. The code tracks individual Cherenkov photons through an array of telescopes of Davis-Cotton design. The code subsequently models the charge pulses produced by the photomultiplier tubes and subsequent electronics, using QADC electronics for Whipple simulations and FADC electronics for Veritas electronics. All model parameters are adjustable from pilot and configuration input files.

grisudet requires these files:

grisudet.c                                           front-end code
definition.h                                         definition file

error.h                                                error handling routines

genekumac.h                                      PAW routine

optics.h                                               ray-tracing procedures
electronics.h                                       electronics modeling procedures

noise.h                                                noise production procedures

sgarface.h                                          sgarface modeling
../../CommonTools/read_header.h     array read procedures

../../CommonTools/random_gen.h      random number generators

../../CommonTools/extract_tokens.h  utility procedures
../../Config/Read/read_array.h          definitions for telescope array
../../CommonTools/rotate.h               vector rotation routines

detector.pilot                                      input file specifying I/O file names
<telescope>.cfg                                  telescope configuration file

The following sections describe the GrISU package:

Code and Parameter Overview
grisudet Pilot Input File
Detector Configuration File
grisudet Output File: QADC Option
grisudet Output File: FADC Option
testing and verification

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