Kascade generates a log file according to instructions from the kascade.pilot which specifies a log-file flag and a file name. If the asterisk is removed in the pilot file, there is no log file. The log file contains the input information as well as a list of times following the production of an integral number of showers. It also prints the start time and end time for shower generation.

The log file differs somewhat depending on the version of kascade. It's all self-explanatory.

Example Kascade log file
Showers generated by kascade7 v7.1 on 05/04/2001

TITLE OF RUN:    Run 56a

segment output filename = kascade.seg 

pilot filename = kascade.pilot
logfile filename = kascade.log Seed entered from file input parameter file = -65711 # of showers = 1 Primary energy<min.,max.> TEV = 0.05 100.00 Itype: Type code for primary particle = 1 Gamma Dli,Dmi,Dni: Direction cosines primary = 0.00000 0.00000 0.93970 gamma integral spectral index = -1.50
Thresh erg(MEV) muons, gammas and electrons = 25.00 Zobs:observation height (gm/cm2 from top) = 763.00 Tmax:max seg for mult coul scat = 0.10 Injection depth gm/cm2 from top = 1.00 Particle enable 1-18 = T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T Magnet_on:field enable = T ion_on:loss enable = T Mult_on: enable = T start shower production: time 16:47:07 date: 05/04/2001 total showers 1 time: 16:47:08 date: 05/04/2001