The kascade.f output file begins with a header following by segment lines. The header file contains the identical information (but no intermediate shower production times) as the log file. All header information occurs prior to the * DATAF flag which indicates the start of segment lines. Header file information differs according to the kascade version. The data output is the same for all kascade versions.

The first line after the DATAF flag has the following information in this order:

   i)     a negative integer representing the primary particle
ii) the initial x-coordinate (meters)
iii) the initial y-coordinate (meters),
iv) the observatory altitude (meters above sea level),
v) the initial x-direction cosine,
vi) the initial y-direction cosine,
vii) the initial energy (TeV)
viii) the random seed

The second line, describing the first interaction of the primary, is the first of many segment lines. The third line describes the first secondary segment. The lines have the following information from left to right:

i)      type of particle (positive integer number,
99 to identify last line before EOF or next primary),
ii) x-coordinate (meters) at start of segment of secondary particle,
iii) y-coordinate (meters) at start of segment,
iv) height (meters) at start of segment,
v) height (meters) at end of segment,
vi) x-direction cosine at start of segment,
vii) y-direction cosine at start of segment,
viii) x-direction cosine at end of segment,
ix) y-direction cosine at end of segment,
x) relative time (nsecs) at start of segmentxi)
xi) energy (TeV) of particle at midpoint of segment.
xii) time (nsecs) for primary to travel over height of segment
xiii) time (nsecs) for secondary to travel over length of segment

The following example file include three segment output lines. Each block of numbers following the data flag is a single line. We added the blank lines for clarity.


File: kascade.seg, example output file generated by any kascade version. Each block of numbers following the data flag is a single line. We added the blank lines for clarity. Please note that the data format for the segment positions now includes more significant figures than in previous versions. This is very important for simulating accurately showers at large zenith angles.. 

Showers generated by kascade7 v7.1 on 03/30/2004


segment output filename =

logfile filename = kascade.log

Seed entered from file input parameter file = -65711
# of showers = 5
Primary energy<min.,max.> TEV = 1.00 1.00
Itype: Type code for primary particle = 1 Gamma
Dli,Dmi,Dni: Direction cosines primary = 0.00000 0.00000
gamma integral spectral index = -1.50
Thresh erg(MEV) muons, gammas and electrons = 25.00
Zobs:observation height (gm/cm2 from top) = 763.00
Tmax:max seg for mult coul scat = 0.10
Injection depth gm/cm2 from top = 1.00
Particle enable 1-18 = T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T
Magnet_on:field enable = T
ion_on:loss enable = T
Mult_on: enable = T


-1 -0.106045E+05 0.131750E+05 0.230688E+04 0.2144E+00 -0.2664E+00 0.1000E+01 -65711

1 -.106045E+05 0.131750E+05 0.487769E+05 0.296832E+05 0.214440E+00 -.266419E+00 0.214440E+00 -.266419E+00 0.000000E+00 0.100000E+01 0.677769E+05 0.677769E+05

3 -.624729E+04 0.776159E+04 0.296832E+05 0.292292E+05 0.214440E+00 -.266419E+00 0.214541E+00 -.265958E+00 0.000000E+00 0.128130E-01 0.161128E+04 0.161128E+04

3 -.614370E+04 0.763290E+04 0.292292E+05 0.278530E+05 0.214541E+00 -.265958E+00 0.213902E+00 -.265509E+00 0.128131E-05 0.987960E-02 0.488505E+04 0.488449E+04

3 -.582954E+04 0.724345E+04 0.278530E+05 0.269157E+05 0.213902E+00 -.265509E+00 0.212847E+00 -.264831E+00 -.560890E+00 0.949493E-02 0.332729E+04 0.332595E+04