Verification and Testing


You may test the code for a four-telescope configuration using the pilot files
from the GrISU/Test_4Tel directory. Execute all code from within the GrISU/Test_4Tel directory.

You may use the scripts in the GrISU/Test_4Tel directory to run
the selected code and generate an output file. Then, you may compare your output file with
the output file from the Test_4Tel/Files directory. If the files are the same, the code (or
maybe your computer) passes the test. Here's the way to do all of this:

(execute "make_them_all kascade"; the kascade testing is only for kascade, not for kascade3 or kascade7. The testing for cherenkf7 and grisudet is independent of the version of kascade)

a. Look at one of the scripts in GrISU/Test_4tel. You'll see that the scripts first set up the directory as a "GrISU" directory from which you may execute the codes.   

b. To test one of the simulation codes, just execute the appropriate test script.

c. The output files from running the code are placed in the Test_4Tel directory.
    The comparison files are in the Files directory.

d. Note that the pilot files use the test4tel.cfg configuration file. You should not
change any parameters in this configuration file.

e. You may use the unix "diff" command to compare the files you
    generate with the comparison files.  However,
note that sometimes
    "diff" finds differencies between Files/photon.rec and photon.rec
    when the numbers in the files are exactly the same (?????). I have
    no idea why this is happening.