The following pilot file should be self-explanatory and show you how to use make_photons.c.
The code and its Makefile is in GrISU/Utilities/Make_Photons.

make_photons pilot file.

make_photons.c: has two options or modes
(a). Produces photons on the ground in the "P" format as
from a shower. The directions of the photons are from the zenith but may be offset from zenith by xtilt and ytilt.
Format same as output from cherenkf.c

(b). Produces laser photons directly on the camera. The photon arrival time has a fixed value, but may be gaussian deviated about a given standard deviation.
The shower line has an "L" instead of an "S" for shower line, otherwise the output is the same as from cherenkf.c. G
risudet.c uses the "L" as a flag to place photons described in subsequent photon records directly on the camera. They
are then processed through the pmts and the electronics as usual.

Each data line begins with a "*" and is followed by a five letter identifier followed by the appropriate parameters.

OUTFL filename
filename: output filename, default stdout.
* OUTFL star.cph

CONFG filename
filename: configuration filename, no default
telescope radius determined from config. file.
Radius of photons on the ground is 10 % larger.
* CONFG Config/Files/veritas_4tel.cfg

MODES mode
mode: 0 photons on the ground (default 0)
1 photons on the camera.

NUMBR numev numpho
numev: number of events (default 1)
numpho: number of photons (default 10,000)
* NUMBR 1 10

RADIU camera radius, only applies to mode 1
radius: photons randomly placed within this circle, in meters,
on the camera. default 0.4 meters
* RADIU 0.4

WAVEL wavelength (in nanometers), default 500, must be an integer
* WAVEL 400

TILTS xtilt ytilt
x/ytilt: source sky offset in degrees. only applies to mode=0.
default 0.0
* TILTS 0.0 0.0

TIMEP avgtime stdtime
avgtime: average time in nanoseconds for laser photons to travel to camera (the value is unimportant, just use 10).
stdtime: standard deviation of the individual photon times.
code produces a random gaussian deviation using these
defaults: 10.0 1.0 nanoseconds
* TIMEP 10.0 0.5

SEEDR useedrandomgen
useedrandomgen: random number seed, default is = -12345
* SEEDR -63565