Utilities subdirectory

Documentation of programs for use with

the Grinnell-Utah simulation and analysis package

The utilities directory contains scripts and programs useful in running the GrISU suite of programs. These utilities are located both in the main Utilities directory and subdirectories.


Utilities/count_showers.c: a simple way to count the number of showers in a photon.cph type file. Just compile (use the Makefile) and run count_showers. The screen will prompt you for the name of a .cph file.

Utilities/point_spread.m: a matlab m-file for determining the point spread function of a single   telescope

Utilities/Runsim: directory containing files for creating "GrISU" node directories and running simulations using run_sim and run_grisudet perl scripts. Documented here.

Utilities/Cutspec: directory containing code for performing cuts on analysis output files. The cutspec.pilot file is self explanatory. All code must be run from the GrISU directory.

Simulation/Make_Photons: directory with code for producing either: photons on the ground to mimic starlight or photons on the camera to mimic N2 or laser light. (THIS CODE IS NOW IN SIMULATION/MAKE_PHOTONS)

These options are useful in determining the point-spread function or in simulating a gain_time file. Go here to see a sample, well-documented  make_photons.pilot file.

Utilities/Raw2GrISU: directory with c++ code to provide an interface between VERITAS  prototype raw binary data files and prototype database files and analysis.c. There are no dependencies so it will compile just fine. To use the code

raw2grisu filename
[-n numevts], where filename is the prototype data file and              numevts is the number of events you wish to read (you can leave this out if you wish to include all events in the file). The output is to stdout and will be the same as grisudet.c output.


Utilities/Diagnostics: directory containing code useful in debugging grisudet, in affirming that the parameters in the configuration file give the expected results, and in producing point-spread functions, etc. from photon_history files.  You can move the photon_history file into a root tree using code in this directory .Documented here.