Grinnell-ISU Simulation Package

Directory structure

    The directory structure of the ISU-Grinnell simulation package is shown on the graph below.

* Analysis: Contains the analysis program which is controlled by the analysis.pilot file.

* Config: All the telescope parameters are defined in text files read by the software but which  are also human readable with clear explanations describing each parameter. The configuration files are located in the Files directory; the Read directory contains the c code to read the configuration files.

* CommonTools: Contains procedures which are common to different programs of the package.

* Data: These are convenient directories for storing your files at the different stages of the simulation:

- MCPhotons for the Cherenkov light files,

- Raw for the simulated or real detector output

- Processed for the output of the analysis. That is also where we store our kumac codes to process the data from PAW

-TestOptics which is used to store output files specific to the ray-tracing tests. This directory contains a kumac procedure (optics.kumac) which loads the file specified as it's argument.

* Documentation: The help files you are reading are located here.

* Simulation: All code to simulate showers and telescopes are in these subdirectories.

-In the Shower directory, you will find the kascade program used to simulate the shower development. Its pilot file is kascade.pilot. In Cherenk there is the cherenkf program that simulates the Cherenkov light produced by a shower. The light arrives on the telescope specified in your configuration file. The controlling pilot file is cherenkov.pilot.

-In  Make_Photons the make_photons program generates a photon file corresponding either to a star or to "laser" photons incident directly on the camera. The make_photons. pilot

-In Detector you will find the grisudet program that simulates the response of the telescope or telescope array specified in the configuration file. It is controlled by the detector.pilot file.

* Test_1Tel: This directory contains test pilot files and test output files for comparison with output files produced after coding changes. Currently, this is set up for one telescope. We'll shortly provide similar test files for telescope arrays. 

* Utilities: Various labor saving scripts are located here. (details here)

- Cutspec : Contains code for performing preliminary cuts on .par files and preparing files for the matlab spectral analysis package. (details here)

- Runsim : Stores script and its pilot file for managing simulation runs on multiple machines including Beowulf clusters. (complete details here)

- Matlab : Stores matlab utility m-files. Each is separately documentated..

- Diagnostics : Contains code for analyzing photon_history files, including moving the photon history to a root tree.  Root scripts constantly being added to this directory, e.g. to produce point spread functions.


Directory organisation


Note on file names: Every one is completely free to use any file names. But, in order to facilitate file exchanges, we recommend the following file name extensions: