Grinnell-ISU simulation and analysis package

Click button interface help page

You can use a click button interface which is written in Tcl/Tk. In order to start it, in /GrISU just type ./gui_interface If it does not work, you may try to modify the first line of the file. This first line looks like #!/usr/bin/wish  and specifies where to find the wish interpreter. Your wish interpreter maybe located somewhere else. To find out you can type which wish which is funny in itself.

Then it is very easy to use; it uses the current pilot files, allowing you to make changes in the various windows. You also edit the command lines from within the interface windows so you may select pilot files without the default filenames.

The interface, as it is today, has some limitations. It can not be detached for the processes it starts. So you can not run batch-mode simulations from the interface. The possibility of running kascade without piping the output to cherenk is not offered. For batch runs on multiple machines, see the run_sim script in Utilities/Runsim.