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Douglas Rodriguez Thesis Defense 2/15/2011

Thesis Defense

Douglas Rodriguez

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 3:00pm (206 JFB)

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The transition from the High Resolution Fly’s Eye (HiRes) experiment to the Telescope Array (TA) experiment has been completed. The TA Middle Drum detector was built using refurbished telescopes from the HiRes-1 site so that a direct comparison could be made on the energy scales between the two experiments. This comparison was made by determining the final spectrum using the HiRes-1 data and making a preliminary energy spectrum using data from the Middle Drum detector. The results of this study will be discussed.

Additionally, a search was made for the exotic interaction between cosmic rays and ions in the heliosphere. This interaction would result in the unique signature of parallel, simultaneous photon showers. The HiRes-1 data was chosen for this search due to its large exposure and resulting data set. The results from this search will also be presented.

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