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Josh Kaggie Thesis Defense 10/21/14

Thesis Defense

Josh Kaggie

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 10:00AM (206 JFB)

Title: Improving the Image and Quantitative Data of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Through Hardware and Physics Techniques

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a widely used method for the evaluation and diagnosis of disease, is constantly undergoing improvement. The introduction to this dissertation introduces imaging, hardware, and physics techniques for MRI. Five different methods for improving the utility and accuracy of MRI are then demonstrated and evaluated: 1) A small rodent imaging system developed for a clinical 3T MRI scanner that could obtain 100?m isotropic resolution in the cochlea in 33 minutes is described and demonstrated. 2) A system using BOLD MRI and invasive fiberoptic probes is described with an initial evaluation of the accuracy of measuring renal oxygenation using BOLD MRI in a pig. 3) The fat content of kidneys in diabetic human subjects was compared with non-diabetic subjects to evaluate the usefulness of renal fat quantitation for evaluating kidney disease. 4) A hardware technique for image acquisition of data from both sodium and proton nuclei without increasing scan time on a clinical system is described and demonstrated. 5) A composite sodium and proton radiofrequency array was developed and demonstrated impressive sodium imaging results while obtaining standard proton images. By using improved physics, coil and hardware techniques, better information can be obtained that can result in more information to potentially result in the more accurate diagnoses of patient health.

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