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Weili Hong Thesis Defense 12/04/14

Thesis Defense

Weili Hong

Thursday, December 4, 2014 2:00PM (334 JFB)

Title: Chemical Thermal Modulations of Molecular Motors Activities

The goal of this dissertation was to study the changes in the properties of molecular motors produced by chemical and thermal modulations. Molecular motors are responsible for intracellular transport of many different cargos in cells. Their regulation is therefore of great interest for cell biology but is also important for nanoengineering applications.

In this talk I will report on the construction of a microscope setup with advanced optical trapping capability, optimal for single molecule studies of molecular motors. I will then discuss measurements of the inhibition of kinesin motors by marine natural compound, Adociasulfates, by comparing two novel structurally similar Adociasulfates. I will discuss the structure-function relationship of these compounds, the nature of their inhibitory activity. I will also discuss how to improve their cell permeability and increase their value as pro-drug candidates. Other recent measurements may be briefly discussed if time permits.

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