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Adam Payne Thesis Defense 4/29/15

Thesis Defense

Adam Payne

Friday, April 29, 2015 1:00PM (334 JFB)

Title: Concept For Room Temperature, Single Spin Tunneling Force Microscopy With Atomic Resolution

A comprehensive study of a force detected single-spin magnetic resonance measurement concept with atomic spatial resolution is presented. The method is based upon electrostatic force detection of spin-selection rule controlled single-electron tunneling between two electrically isolated paramagnetic states. Single spin magnetic resonance detection is possible by measuring the force detected tunneling charge noise on and off spin resonance. Simulation results of this charge noise, based upon physical models of the tunneling and spin physics, are directly compared to measured AFM system noise. The results show that the approach could provide single spin measurement of electrically isolated qubit states with atomic spatial resolution at room temperature.

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