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Anne Marie Schaeffer Thesis Defense 11/24/15

Thesis Defense

Anne Marie Schaeffer

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 1:00PM (617 WBB)

Title: Superconducting, Structural Magnetic Properties of Lithium and Lithium-Rich Compounds

Lithium is generally considered to be a simple metal, given its simple electronic structure with one valence electron. It is considered to follow a nearly free electron model and have a nearly spherical Fermi surface. However, away from ambient conditions, the behavior of lithium becomes much less simple. Under high pressures, lithium undergoes a series of symmetry breaking phase transitions, even a metal to insulator transition; at low temperatures, lithium also undergoes a temperature driven martensitic transformation. In this work, these deviations from simple models in lithium are investigated, both at ambient pressure and under high pressures, from the relative high temperature phenomenon of melting, to low temperature measurements of the Fermi surface and superconductivity.

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