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Jon Paul Lundquist Thesis Defense 09/25/2017

Thesis Defense

Jon Paul Lundquist

Monday, September 25th 3:00PM (219 JFB)

Title: Energy Anisotropies of Proton-like Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays

Evidence for interrelated energy dependent intermediate-scale anisotropies are found using 7 years of Telescope Array data – an energy spectrum anisotropy of 3.76σ, a 3.34σ energy-distance correlation, and kernel density estimation analysis of the previously reported “Hotspot” of 3.65σ significance. These result in the Hotspot E ≥ 1019.75 eV corresponding to a deficit, "Coldspot," of events for 10^19.1 ≤ E 10^19.75 eV. This event density asymmetry has a 5.4σ significance. The composition is studied by a new pattern recognition event selection and statistical method using higher moments of the shower depth, Xmax , distribution. A pure proton composition is indicated, not incompatible with a light mix, for all models E ≥ 1018.4 eV. The combination of a light composition, and anisotropy evidence suggestive of energy dependent magnetic deflection of UHECR, should be useful for informing models of sources and intergalactic propagation through magnetic fields.

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