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Jing Ma Thesis Defense 09/20/2017

Thesis Defense

Jing Ma

Wednesday, September 20th 3:00PM (334 JFB)

Title: Geometric Theory of Natural Optical Activity in Noncentrosymmetric Metals

I will discuss the theory of the dynamic chiral magnetic effect, and the natural optical activity in noncentrosymmetric metals. Both phenomena are related to linear-in-q spatial dispersion of the optical conductivity tensor, and will be calculated within the formalism of the semiclassical kinetic equation. The physical applications of the developed theory include the natural optical activity, the dynamic chiral magnetic effect, and the current-induced magnetization in metals. I will show that the quasiparticle orbital magnetic moment is the source of all these related effects. In particular, this means that the aforementioned phenomena are of geometric origin. Finally, I will apply our general results to a simple Weyl semimetal model, as well as to a more realistic model of Tellurium. Experimentally, the Faraday rotation of the polarization of light transmitted through a slab of a material provides the most direct way to measure the magnitude of the dynamic chiral magnetic effect, and I will argue that the macroscopic inhomogeneities affect the chiral magnetic conductivity near the plasma edge of a metal.

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