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Janvida Rou Thesis Defense 05/01/2018

Thesis Defense

Janvida Rou Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 10 AM (JFB 334)

Title: Nonlocal Transport in Disordered Metals with Nontrivial Band Geometry

In this talk, I will discuss the effects of spatial dispersion of the conductivity tensor in disordered noncentrosymmetric metals. Specifically, I consider the kinetic magnetoelectric effect, and natural optical activity of metals. These effects stem from the magnetic moments of quasiparticles near the Fermi surface. I identify new disorder-induced contributions to these magnetic moments that come from the skew-scattering and side-jump processes, familiar from the theory of the anomalous Hall effect. Further, I study the kinetic magnetoelectric effect in three-dimensional conductors, specializing to the case of p-doped trigonal tellurium taking into account both the intrinsic and extrinsic contributions to the effect, which stem from the band structure of the crystal, and from disorder scattering, respectively. Specifically, I will present the dependence of the kinetic magnetoelectric response on the hole doping in tellurium, and show that the intrinsic effects dominate for low levels of doping while extrinsic effects, in particular the skew scattering, dominate for high levels of doping. The results of this work imply that three-dimensional helical metals are promising candidates for spintronics applications and in particular, they can provide robust control over current-induced magnetic torques.

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