Liquid Nitrogen Access News


Our liquid nitrogen bulk tank is damaged and out of service. We are investigating possible repairs or replacement of the tank, but there will be no liquid nitrogen available for a significant time. The earliest the system could be restored is September-October, six months is a more realistic time frame.

There are a number of things that may effect a decision to repair or replace the tank. The cost of repairing the tank is substantial and there is a possibility that it cannot be repaired. The feasibility of repairs could only be determined after the tank is removed and tested at a repair facility. The replacement of the tank may be subject safety requirements that may not permit a new tank in the current location, and it is not clear if another site would be permitted.

Until service is restored, liquid nitrogen can be ordered on campus from General Stores.

If you are part of the Department of Physics & Astronomy and need liquid nitrogen, here is what you need to do:

1.) A truck will come on TUESDAY, and FRIDAY. Deliveries will be made in the driveway by the loading dock.

2.) You must make prior arrangements with Deana Young, (801) 581-5868, to assure that enough material is delivered.

3.) It is imperative that you provide a phone number or other means of contacting you when the truck arrives. Please also provide a back-up if you are likely to be away when the truck arrives.

4.) If you wish to obtain a larger amount of nitrogen, Deana can order a 151 liter dewar for you. There is small rental charge for the dewar, but the the material is sold at a lower cost. Note: these dewars do NOT have wheels and you will need to provide a means of transporting the dewar to your lab. These will be delivered on the same schedule, Tuesday/Friday.

5.) A reminder; while filling and transporting liquid nitrogen, exercise proper precautions. No one should be handling this material without proper training.

Thank you for your cooperation and we will keep everyone informed of any progress in restoring the on-site availability.

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