Location: JFB 114
(801) 581-6063

The Stockroom carries a wide variety of supplies and equipment to meet your research needs, or just to save you from running all over town. The Stockroom is open to all of campus, as well as outside organizations. The Stockroom also handles outbound packages as well as serves as the delivery point for UPS packages. More details are included below.


Campus Orders are preferred for university purchases. If you are planning on making purchases on a regular basis, get set up on a Stockroom account, to make things easier for you and your department.


UPS packages are delivered to the Stockroom around 3:30pm daily.

FedEx packages are delivered to the main office (201 JFB) throughout the day.



To ship a UPS package, take it to the Stockroom between 1:00pm and 3:00 pm, and James Norwood, the Stockroom clerk, will assist you.

The nearest FedEx drop box location is in the basement of the Park Building, to the north of the elevator.


Supply and price list (PDF)


For more information, contact:

Simpson Norwood
Harold Simpson
304-C SP
(801) 581-38396
James Norwood
114 JFB
(801) 581-6063
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