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Rasha Abbasi Post Doc 240-6 INSCC 801-585-0809
Udara Abeysekara Post Doc 220 SP N/A
Tareq Abu-Zayyad Research Assistant Professor 246 INSCC 801-581-8206
Megha Agarwal Grad Student 212-A-1 JFB N/A
Christopher Ahn Grad Student 305 INSCC N/A
David Ailion Professor 218 JFB 801-581-6973
Hassan Allami Grad Student 212-A-4 N/A
Tim Anderton Grad Student 305-13 INSCC N/A
Sandip Aryal Grad Student 211-6 SP N/A
Aishwarya Ashok Grad Student 209-1 JFB N/A
Doug Baird Grad Student/Post Doc 226-B SP 801-581-5564
Sangita Baniya Grad Student 211-13 SP N/A
Ahron Barber Grad Student 214-A SP 801-581-6203
Elwin Bassett Grad Student 104-1 JFB N/A
Julian Bautista Post Doc 318 INSCC N/A
Adam Beehler Lecture Demonstration Specialist B-8 JFB 801-581-6602
Philip Beltracchi Grad Student 305-5 INSCC N/A
John Belz Associate Professor 228 INSCC 801-585-9620
Mourad Bendjennat Research Assistant Professor 209 LS N/A
Paul Bergeron Grad Student 205-6A INSCC N/A
Haven Bergeson Emeritus Professor N/A N/A
Doug Bergman Associate Professor 230 INSCC 801-585-5973
Christoph Boehme Professor 301 JFB 801-581-6806
      B-21 JFB (Lab) N/A
      B-24 JFB (Lab) N/A
Ben Bromley Professor/Chair 330 INSCC 801-581-8227
      201-B JFB 801-581-3538
Isaac Brown-Heft Grad Student    
Joel Brownstein Research Associate Professor 312 INSCC 801-585-5265
Tabitha Buehler Assistant Professor (Lecturer) 314 INSCC 801-587-9780
Robert Cady Research Assistant Professor 220 INSCC 801-585-0060
Weizhao Cai Post Doc 322-2 JFB  
      B-22 JFB (Lab) 801-587-3692
Julie Callahan Program Coordinator - ASPIRE 266 INSCC 801-585-9331
George Cassiday Professor B-5 JFB 801-581-6635
Marzieh Chaharlang Grad Student 104-3 JFB N/A
Su-Kong Chong Grad Student 211-5 SP N/A
Matthew Cornachione Grad Student 350-22 INSCC N/A
Kevin Davenport Grad Student 211-2 SP N/A
Andrew Davidson Grad Student 209-3 JFB N/A
Kyle Dawson Associate Professor 328 INSCC 801-581-4785
      106 JFB (Lab) N/A
Shanti Deemyad Associate Professor 311 JFB 801-585-5955
      B-22 JFB (Lab) N/A
John DeFord Professor B-6 JFB 801-581-8396
Matt DeLong Nano Czar 329 JFB 801-581-7462
      326-333 JFB (Lab) 801-581-3020
      153 INSCC (SEM Lab) 801-581-5859
      B-14 JFB (Lab) 801-581-3020
        801-580-7246 C
Marcia Cook deWolfe Senior Accountant 203 JFB 801-581-6374
Vikram Deshpande Assistant Professor 303 JFB 801-581-6570
      B-10 JFB (Lab) N/A
      B-18 JFB (Lab) N/A
Carleton DeTar Professor 212 INSCC 801-581-7537
Florence Doval Grad Student 211-12 SP N/A
Antoine Dumont Grad Student 209-3 JFB N/A
Alexei Efros Distinguished Emeritus Professor 216 JFB 801-585-5018
Pooya Elahitaleghani Grad Student 226-A SP N/A
Greg Engh Grad Student 209-4 JFB N/A
K.C. Erb Grad Student UCAIR N/A
Heidi Frank Administrative/Chair's Assistant 201-C JFB 801-581-5697
Greg Furlich Grad Student 240-1B INSCC N/A
Jessica Galbraith-Frew Grad Student 350-21 INSCC N/A
Anthony Garcia Grad Student 305-4A INSCC N/A
Jordan Gerton Associate Professor/Assoc. Chair 464 INSCC 801-585-0068
      134 INSCC (Lab) 801-581-5078
      151 INSCC (Lab) N/A
Paolo Gondolo Professor 310 INSCC 801-581-7788
Matthew Groesbeck Grad Student 211-7 SP N/A
Nathan Gundlach Grad Student 211-11 SP N/A
Jackie Hadley Grad Secretary 201-D JFB 801-581-6861
Bill Hanlon Post Doc 246 INSCC 801-581-7452
Frank Harris Professor 204 JFB 801-581-8445
Brad Hawks Unix Systems Administrator 304-B SP 801-585-5801
      801-243-5583 C
Nathalie Hoffman Grad Student 305-5A INSCC N/A
Mei Hui Teh Grad Student 221-B SP N/A
Tim Hutchinson Grad Student 305-11 INSCC N/A
Richard Ingebretsen Professor (Lecturer) B-7 JFB 801-581-7166
Dmitri Ivanov Grad Student/Post Doc 262-4 INSCC 801-581-3908
Inese Ivans Assistant Professor 324 INSCC 801-585-5483
Shirin Jamali Grad Student 336-4 JFB N/A
Wen Jin Grad Student 211-16 SP N/A
Gajadhar Joshi Grad Student 336-5 JFB 801-581-4443
Charlie Jui Professor 222 INSCC 801-581-7186
Vikrant Kamble Grad Student 305-2 INSCC N/A
Payel Kar Grad Student 220-A SP N/A
Marzieh Kavand Grad Student 336-1 JFB 801-581-4443
Dipak Khanal Grad Student 209-6 JFB N/A
David Kieda Professor/Grad School Dean 215 SP 801-581-5220
      109 JFB (Lab) 801-587-7700
      110 JFB (Lab) 801-587-7700
      302 PARK 801-581-6926
Jihee Kim Grad Student 262-3 INSCC 801-581-3908
Jennifer Kimpson Receptionist 201 JFB 801-581-6901
Jordan Klepzig Receptionist 201 JFB 801-581-6901
Pei-I Ku Grad Student 211-14 SP N/A
Karel Kuchar Emeritus Professor 224 SP 801-581-5083
Rohit Kumar Grad Student 211-1 SP N/A
Nancy Kurtzeborn Admin Assistant 201-A JFB 801-585-1754
Evan Lafalce Grad Student 337-2 JFB N/A
Gernot Laicher Research Associate Professor 410 SP 801-585-5553
Stephan LeBohec Associate Professor 217 SP 801-587-9923
      107 JFB (Lab) N/A
Run Li Grad Student 104-4 JFB 385-722-6889
Sarah Li Assistant Professor 310 JFB 801-581-6408
Chuankun Liu Grad Student 209-7 JFB N/A
Hao-Liang Liu Post Doc 337-4 JFB N/A
Shuwan Liu Grad Student 209-8 JFB N/A
Xiaojie Liu Grad Student 211-9 SP N/A
Zhiheng Liu Sr. Optical Engineer 192 INSCC 801-581-7001
Neda Lotfizadeh Grad Student 212-A-6 JFB N/A
Jon Paul Lundquist Grad Student 262-3 INSCC N/A
Zhuxi Luo Grad Student 205-1B INSCC N/A
John Lupton Research Professor 315 JFB N/A
      133 INSCC (Lab) N/A
      138 INSCC (Lab) 801-581-4137
Fritz Luty Distinguished Emeritus Professor B-2 JFB 801-521-8154
Jing Ma Grad Student 205-4A INSCC N/A
Colby Makahilahila Purchasing Accountant 203 JFB 801-581-5868
Hans Malissa Research Assistant Professor 337 JFB 801-585-1611
Rajesh Malla Grad Student 209-9 JFB N/A
Vivek Mariappan Post Doc 350-8 INSCC N/A
Jason Martineau Grad Student 134 INSCC (Lab) N/A
John Matthews Research Professor: Cosmic Ray 224 INSCC 801-581-5505
      120 JFB (Lab) 801-209-1006 C
Nolan Matthews Grad Student 220-B SP N/A
Dan Mattis Emeritus Professor N/A 801-363-3444 H
Kevin McCarthy Grad Student 350-7 INSCC N/A
Gary McDonough Senior Technician: Cosmic Ray 266 INSCC 801-581-7983
Ryan McLaughlin Grad Student 211-8 SP N/A
Chad Miller Grad Student 336-2 JFB 801-581-4443
Jonathan Miller Grad Student 212-A-3 JFB N/A
Frank Misak Administrative Assistant: Cosmic Ray 227 INSCC 801-581-6628
Eugene Mishchenko Professor 216 JFB 801-581-7115
Antonio Montero-Dorta Post Doc 350-8 INSCC 801-585-1824
Rachel Morris Grad Student 211-10 SP N/A
David Morrison Grad Student 104-6 JFB N/A
Ed Munford Machine Shop Manager 116 JFB 801-581-6242
      104 SP 801-581-6697
Isaac Myers Grad Student 240-7 INSCC 801-587-9986
Adnan Nahlawi Grad Student 212A-3 N/A
Michael Newbold Grad Student 214-B SP 801-581-6203
Dieu Nguyen Grad Student 350-20 INSCC N/A
Shiyu Nie Grad Student 305-6A INSCC N/A
Vicki Nielsen Payroll Accountant 203 JFB 801-585-1485
James Norwood Stockroom Store Keeper 114 JFB 801-581-6063
Jay Norwood PC Systems Administrator 304-E SP 801-581-6026
        801-503-5349 C
Tino Nyawelo Assistant Professor (Lecturer) 1228 SAEC 801-581-5306
Observatory Facility Roof SP 801-58-SPACE
Patrick Odenthal Post Doc 337-1 JFB N/A
Bill Ohlsen Emeritus Professor B-3 JFB 801-364-2159 H
Xin Pan Grad Student 209-10 JFB N/A
Ren Pankovich Grad Student N/A N/A
Anthony Pantziris Associate Professor (Lecturer) 218 INSCC 801-587-3325
Renuka Pechetti Grad Student 305-6B INSCC N/A
Krista Perkins Grad Secretary 201-D JFB 801-581-6861
Dmytro (Dima) Pesin Assistant Professor 309 JFB 801-581-3690
Vijith Poovelil Grad Student 209-5 JFB N/A
Henna Popli Grad Student 336-06 JFB N/A
Mikhail (Misha) Raikh Professor 305 JFB 801-585-5017
        801-583-4907 H
Jackson Remington Grad Student 205 INSCC N/A
Paul Ricketts Observatory Roof SP 801-58-SPACE (587-7223)
Andrey Rogachev Associate Professor 306 JFB 801-585-0792
      123 INSCC (Lab) 801-585-7416
Randall Rohas-Bolivar Grad Student 209-11 JFB N/A
Steven Rossland Grad Student 211-4 SP N/A
Janvida Rou Grad Student 211-3 SP N/A
Sid Rudolph Emeritus Research Professor B-4 JFB 801-581-4803
        801-466-6380 H
Julia Russ Grad Student 209-12 JFB N/A
Brian Saam Adjunct Professor 313 JFB 801-585-5832
Raphael Sadoun Post Doc 318 INSCC N/A
Saveez Saffarian Associate Professor 308 JFB 801-581-5716
      B-23 JFB (Lab) N/A
      204 LS N/A
Ipsita Saha Grad Student 209-13 JFB N/A
Cuneyt Sahin Post Doc 322-4 JFB N/A
Pearl Sandick Assistant Professor 210 INSCC 801-581-8397
Nabraj Sapkota Grad Student UCAIR N/A
Anil Seth Assistant Professor 322 INSCC 801-585-7793
Lei Shan Grad Student 212-A-2 JFB 801-581-8751
Abhimanya Sharma Grad Student 2019-14 JFB N/A
Harold Simpson Facilities Director 304-C SP 801-581-3839
        801-244-1017 C
Kuver Sinha Post Doc 2xx INSCC N/A
Kathrine Skollingsberg Public Relations/Webmaster 321 JFB 801-585-0182
Jeremy Smith Senior Engineer: Cosmic Ray 250 INSCC 801-581-5053
Pierre Sokolsky Distinguished Professor 242 INSCC 801-581-5398
Wayne Springer Professor 216 SP 801-585-1390
Oleg Starykh Professor 304 JFB 801-581-6424
Christopher Stone Associate Professor (Lecturer) Bountiful HS 801-402-3910
      124 JFB (summer) 801-585-9850
Thomas Stroman Post Doc 246 INSCC 515-451-5247
Xuefang Sui Grad Student 305-4 INSCC N/A
Dali Sun Research Assistant Professor 314 JFB N/A
Bill Sutherland Emeritus Professor N/A N/A
Bryant Svedin Grad Student UCAIR N/A
Orest Symko Professor 316 JFB 801-581-6132
      112 JFB (Lab) N/A
      113 JFB (Lab) 801-581-7011
      119 JFB (Lab) N/A
Michael Talbot Grad Student 305-1 INSCC N/A
Xiaolin Tang Grad Student B-123 JFB (Lab) N/A
Ran Tao Grad Student 213-B SP N/A
Craig Taylor Emeritus Professor CO School of Mines 303-273-3586
Taniya-Hariska Teanahewa Grad Student 209-15 JFB N/A
Mandefro Teferi Grad Student 336-3 JFB N/A
Christopher Tellesbo Grad Student 305-4A INSCC N/A
Fei Teng Grad Student 240-1A INSCC 801-585-9674
Bijaya Thapa Grad Student UCAIR N/A
Eddie Thenell Grad Student 100-G SP N/A
Stan Thomas Senior Engineer: Cosmic Ray 250 INSCC 801-581-8650
Gordon Thomson Professor, Jack W. Keuffel Chair
in Experimental Astrophysics
244 INSCC 801-585-1849
Josh Tomlin Accounting Specialist 203 JFB 801-587-7839
Ryuichi Tsuchikawa Post Doc 322-3 JFB N/A
Alejandro Vaquero Post Doc 205-3A INSCC N/A
Valy Vardeny Distinguished Professor 215 JFB 801-581-8372
      323 JFB (Lab) N/A
      B-10 JFB (Lab) N/A
      B-11 JFB (Lab) N/A
      B-12 JFB (Lab) 801-581-4402
      B-15 JFB (Lab) N/A
      B-17 JFB (Lab) N/A
      128 INSCC (Lab) N/A
Michael Vershinin Assistant Professor 307 JFB 801-581-5803
      125 INSCC (Lab) 801-581-5078
Karina Voggel Post Doc 316 INSCC 801-585-1824
Maoji Wang Grad Student 209-16 JFB N/A
Ren-Bo Wang Grad Student 209-17 JFB N/A
Daniel Wik Assistant Professor   N/A
Clayton Williams Professor 302 JFB 801-585-3226
      122 INSCC (Lab) 801-585-1138
      124 INSCC (Lab) 801-585-1138
      126 INSCC (Lab) N/A
George Williams Emeritus Professor N/A N/A
Mary Ann Woolf Editorial Assistant
(for large courses)
205 JFB 801-581-4246
John Worlock Research Professor 315 JFB 801-581-4483
        801-582-9431 H
Yong-Shi Wu Distinguished Professor 214 INSCC 801-581-6603
Haojie Xu Grad Student 305-5 INSCC N/A
Xiaoju Xu Grad Student This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 350-24 INSCC N/A
Shuhei Yamamoto Grad Student 205-4B INSCC N/A
Takahiro Yamamoto Grad Student 240-5 INSCC N/A
Yue Yao Grad Student 211-15 SP N/A
Tian Ye Grad Student N/A N/A
Tamara Young Academic Advisor 202 JFB 801-581-7910
Gongqi Yu Grad Student 124 INSCC (Lab) N/A
Gail Zasowski Assistant Professor 320 INSCC N/A
Qingji Zeng Grad Student N/A N/A
Yaxin Zhai Grad Student 211-17 SP N/A
Chuang Zhang Post Doc 337-3 JFB 801-585-1653
      B-12 JFB (Lab) 801-581-4402
      B-17 JFB (Lab) 801-581-4402
Rong Zhang Grad Student 104-2 JFB N/A
Ting Zhang Grad Student 225-A SP N/A
Yue Zhang Grad Student 213-A SP N/A
Xiaotong Zheng Grad Student 209-18 JFB N/A
Zheng Zheng Associate Professor 326 INSCC 801-581-8975
Hui Zhou Grad Student 225-B SP N/A


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