Experimental Condensed Matter Physics


Ailion Boehme Deemyad Deshpande

David Ailion

Basic physics & applications of hyperpolarized (HP) gases.

Hyperpolarized Noble Gases

Christoph Boehme

Spin Electronics

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Shanti Deemyad

Physics of matter at extreme conditions of pressure & temperature.

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Vikram Deshpande

Emergent physical phenomena in atomically-thin materials including graphene, topological insulators & other new 2D materials & their heterostructures. Novel hybrid experimental tools & potential applications.

Gerton Lafalce Li Malissa

Jordan Gerton

Pushing the limits of nanometer-scale optical microscopy techniques, with the goal of studying molecular-scale biological systems. Investigating the fundamental interactions between light & matter at the nanometer scale.


Evan Lafalce

Parity-time symmetric lasers and properties of Organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite semiconductors (OIHP)

Sarah Li

Ultrafast magneto-optical spectroscopy, magneto-optical spin noise spectroscopy & polarization-resolved photoluminescence on semiconductor nanostructures, physics of spin decoherence/dephasing & relaxation.

Hans Malissa

Spin electronics.

Rogachev Symko Vardeny Williams  

Andrey Rogachev

  • Mesoscopic Superconductivity & Magnetism
  • Quantum Phase Transitions
  • Superconductor – Insulator Transition
  • Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
  • Electron Transport & Noise in Disordered Systems, Structures & Devices
  • Precision Measurements.

Research Website

Orest Symko

Thermoacoustics & Quasicrystals

Center for Acoustic Cooling Technology

Valy Vardeny

Transient & steady state optical, electronic & spintronic properties of organic semiconductors in the time domain from femtoseconds to minutes.


Clayton Williams

Physical properties of solid surfaces & molecules on a nanometer scale.

Nanoscale Imaging

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