Beehler Buehler DeFord Gerton

Adam Beehler

Lecture Demonstration Specialist

Lecture Demonstration Facility Website

Tabitha Buehler

Astronomy Outreach

South Physics Observatory

John DeFord

Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) materials for beginning physics courses.

Jordan Gerton

Pushing the limits of nanometer-scale optical microscopy techniques, with the goal of studying molecular-scale biological systems. Investigating the fundamental interactions between light & matter at the nanometer scale.


Ingebretsen Laicher Pantziris Stone

Richard Ingebretsen

Medical physics education.

Gernot Laicher

Nuclear magnetic resonance; magnetic resonance imaging; lung imaging; spin-exchange optical pumping.

Research Website

Tony Pantziris

Chris Stone

Relativity, quantum gravity, field theory, philosophy, physics & mathematics education.

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