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FYI: What’s Next on Campus?

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Lassonde Studios

The Lassonde Studios will break ground this fall and has an anticipated opening of late summer 2016. The unique, 148,000-square-foot building will unite 412 residences with 20,000 square feet of “garage” space for students to gather, build prototypes and launch companies. It is believed to be the first of its kind in the country.

When construction begins, 160 stalls in the northwest end of the parking lot to the east of the Tanner Humanities building will be closed. Upon completion, the project will replace all stalls temporarily displaced by the project.

The Primary Children’s & Families’ Cancer Research Center at Huntsman Cancer Institute

Huntsman Phase IV

Huntsman Cancer Institute, one of the world’s top academic cancer research and treatment centers, announced on Nov. 1, 2013, plans to expand its research capabilities in family and pediatric cancer with a 220,000-square-foot addition. The expansion will house laboratories and technology that will allow Huntsman Cancer Institute researchers to study more aspects of cancers that affect families, including the three leading causes of disease death in children: leukemia, sarcoma and brain cancer.

Once construction begins, 50 stalls to the south of the existing Huntsman Cancer Institute will be eliminated.

Chilled Water Distribution Project

Soon after commencement, a project to install a chilled water distribution system will begin to move through the southeast quadrant of campus. The chilled water is piped to buildings to provide cooling and air conditioning. Installation of the system will begin near the Field House and will move north toward the Emery Building on Presidents Circle. The project will be complete in the fall. In May, check the Facilities Management website for more information on this project and accessible routes in the area.

Parking Lot Update (East of Law Building)

Beginning the end of May, the parking lot between the College of Law building and the chemistry building will be closed for repaving. The repaving will likely involve both a reconfiguration of the parking lot and the removal and replacement of the trees, which are not in particularly good health. When the trees are replaced later this summer, great care will be taken to increase their long-term health. This lot is scheduled to close in late May and reopen Aug. 25. While the lot is closed, people can park in the stadium parking lot.

Parking Structures

Tentatively, two parking garages are scheduled to begin construction this summer.

Northwest Parking Garage


The Northwest Parking Garage is planned to be built just east of the Naval Science Building along 100 South over a current parking lot. The terrace is anticipated to provide more than 300 stalls. Construction will likely begin midsummer and will temporarily eliminate the 75 stalls currently in that lot.

Central Parking Garage


The Central Parking Garage is planned for the east side of the business loop. The terrace, scheduled to begin in early summer, is planned to provide 800 stalls. When construction starts, 250 stalls will be temporarily displaced.

As details are finalized, more information will appear in a future issue of FYI.

Ongoing Construction

Construction Activities: Summer 2012









Rotunda Re-Pipe project:

Crews are setting up scaffolding in JFB-102 & JFB-103 and abatement crews will be setting up containment for work in JFB-B1 thru B7 and the basement level halls.

As of Tuesday, May 8th, the motorcycle parking, load zone, and the sidewalk between the rotunda and Kingsbury will be closed for the duration of the project.

Within the week, access to the rotunda lobby from JFB will be closed. Note, exiting via the stairwell to the lobby and then outside will only be available for emergency use. No one will be permitted to enter through these doors.

Additionally, the contractor will be using the plaza between the rotunda and JFB for staging and material storage. Access to the 1st floor exit on the 1st floor of JFB will be open, but access may be re-routed if needed.

The entire rotunda is OFF LIMITS. This is an active construction site and there are many potential hazards. This includes the lobby, lecture halls, restrooms, offices, and study area. Additionally, the loading zone and sidewalk between the rotunda and Kingsbury is closed.

There are no faculty using the offices during the project. If you need to contact professors, Luty, Rudolph, Ohlsen, Cassiday, DeFord, or Ingebretsen, do so via phone or email.

Lecture/demo is only accessible via the door at the west end of the basement level hall. Enter via the basement level or the west stairwell from JFB. The door will be locked, but there is a doorbell.

The project requires that the contractors adhere to a very aggressive schedule to assure that the lecture halls are available for fall classes. It is imperative that we do not create any distractions or interruptions that may delay completion of the project.

During the project access through the rotunda to JFB is NOT permitted. This restriction is 24/7, even when there is no apparent construction activity. The doorway from the stairwell to the lobby is ONLY available as an emergency exit.

The ONLY access permitted to JFB are:
• The EAST entrance on the 2nd floor
• The hallway connecting to South Physics
• The WEST entrance on the 1st floor (to the breezeway)

As the work progresses, we will post photos on the department website as well as weekly updates. Email notices will be sent to announce any shut-downs or interruptions to services.


West Entrance to South Physics:

The steps were demolished this morning and there will be no access during the project. The new steps and resurfacing of the entrance is expected to be complete in 3-4 weeks.


JFB Re-Pipe project:

Abatement and pre-cleaning of the south side utility chases are schedule to start Friday, May 11. The building fans will be shut down Friday evening and the crew will work through the weekend. This work is preliminary to abatement crews working on the piping. The North side will be cleaned the following week.

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