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New Employee Resources

Welcome to the University of Utah! Below are some resources to help you as a new employee. To get started, please contact Human Resources (HR) at or navigate to HR Home: » New Employees » Onboarding.

Comments regarding First Steps:
The online orientation will be available in a couple weeks; you should be notified by HR about this. The orientation includes a module regarding U of U Benefits. You will be able to obtain your UCard after your work record is active at the Union Building.

Comments regarding Benefits:
After you select Enrollment Forms in the Benefits section, go to UBenefits electronic enrollment. UBenefits will populate within the week of your start date.


Student Employee Tax Withholding

As a student employee, you may see a higher amount in federal tax taken out when not enrolled in classes. Please see the Student-Employee FICA Exclusion on the Tax Services site regarding tax withholding while enrolled vs. not enrolled.
Student-Employee FICA Exclusion 

Student Tax main page:

To make an appointment with Tax Services:
Appointment with Tax Services/Payroll Accounting 

Tax Services home page:

Tax Services is a Financial & Business Services department that also issues W-2 tax forms. 

Employee Page in CIS (Campus Information Services) 

With an active work record, your Employee page will appear when you login to Campus Information Services (CIS) .

Before you log in, while on the CIS login page, hover over the link (bottom left) for Campus Help Desk.
Along with CIS login help, they also offer after hours assistance for facilities issues in our buildings.

On the Employee page you will find tiles for:

Change Bio/Demo Information:
!~update your contact and emergency contact information       

Payroll, Taxes, and Salary:
~change your W-4 federal allowances if needed
!~choose to receive an electronic W-2 & print your W-2 (electronic W-2 is best for when you leave the U and need access to your W-2 from your Affiliate tab)
~view your pay statements
!~set up direct deposit
When payroll is processing some of these functions are disabled for several days.

*View your Campus Directory listing :
You can edit your Employee email address in the Campus Directory from Change Bio/Demo Info.
Other Employee related Campus Directory changes must be submitted by me or an Accounting employee that has access.
*Employees can change contact information, including home address, in Change Bio/Demo Info.
    Please remember to keep your home address updated so you receive mail from the university.
    Mail can be in the form of tax info / form W-2 / reimbursements for awards / paychecks for employees without direct deposit, etc.
    If you are a student, you will also need to keep your student directory information updated. The student profile is on your Student page in CIS.
    When you leave the U and your work record is terminated, you will retain access to your CIS Affiliate tab and electronic tax forms for several months.

If direct deposit is not set up for your first payment, you will receive a paper check at the mailing address listed in Change Bio/Demo Info on your Employee page.
For lost checks: Payroll requires a $12 fee for the "stop payment" and they require direct deposit set up for the replacement payment. 

Employee Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement (IPA required)

Follow the "hrit" link and submit your IPA (Employee Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement) today.
All new employees must type name and Submit before their payroll record is approved by Human Resources.

“Consistent with the University’s intellectual property policies, and in response to significant changes in U.S. patent law relating to federally funded research, each faculty or staff member hired will be asked to execute an invention assignment agreement, as a condition of University employment.”

The Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement can be accessed here:

Contact Erin Thompson in Human Resources with questions:

You will use your CIS username (uNID) and password to log in.
Contact Campus Help Desk for questions about the CIS log in.
phone: 801-581-4000, option 1

Safety Course (required)

The PHYS/ASTR Safety course will be set up for you to take in the University's online learning management system CANVAS.

There will be a system generated email sent to your UMail address notifying you that you have been enrolled as a student in this course.

 To access Canvas:

- Go to this site:

- Log into Canvas using your Campus Information Systems (CIS) username & password.

- Once there, hover your cursor over "Courses & Groups" at the top menu, and select "PHYS/ASTR Safety" from the drop down.

- You will be taken to the safety test landing page. The test as well as the department safety manual (and other resources) will be available there.

- Please refer to the Safety Manual (PDF) for the answers.

- Be sure to Submit test, and when you are finished, click "Logout" at the top right of the screen.

U of U Holiday Schedule (non-work days)

If you have an hourly/part time work assignment you should not work or enter time on holidays and UCDs (University Closure Days) unless authorized by your supervisor.  

If you have a salaried/full time position with a .75 - 1.0 FTE and qualify for paid holidays you should not work unless authorized by your supervisor.

(1.0 FTE = 100% full time equivalency)

You should enter time for a holiday on your Kronos timecard by selecting pay code HOL in the Pay Code column and 8 hours (if 1.0 FTE) in the Amount column for that day.  

If you have an hourly/full time position with .75 - 1.0 FTE and qualify for paid holidays you should not work unless authorized by your supervisor.

(1.0 FTE = 100% full time equivalency)

First, you will need to add a row on your Kronos time card for the holiday or UCD (U Closure Day) to create open cells for Pay Code and Amount. (the line with purple font is not open for editing) To add a row, select + on the far left side of a row.

To enter time for a holiday, select pay code HOL in the Pay Code column and enter 8 hours (if 1.0 FTE) in the Amount column for the day.

To enter time for UCD, select pay code UCD in the Pay Code column and enter

8 hours (if 1.0 FTE) in the Amount column for the day.  

Follow this link for the U of U holiday schedule. (non-work days)  

Around September, HR assigns University Closure Days (non-work days) to days surrounding Christmas and New Years.  

Holidays and UCDs may only populate on your Kronos time card during "Current Pay Period" (seen in purple font).  


Last Updated: 4/11/19