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Snapshots: Meet Tessa McNamee

Tessa with owl

Recently, the Physics & Astronomy Department chatted with undergraduate Tessa McNamee about a number of things, including why she's a physics major and what makes the department special. Both Tessa and Anna Christopherson participated in a recruiting video for the Physics Department. Watch it here

Why did you choose physics as your major?

I chose physics because I love problem solving and have always been interested in how things work at a deeper level. Being able to put together a few equations like a puzzle and get numbers that accurately describe a system is awesome!

What do you like about the Physics & Astronomy Department at the U? What makes it special?

The Physics and Astronomy Department is really special because of the people. The department is small, and because of this, everyone knows each other. Being part of physics makes you part of a community where everyone really supports you and helps you realize you definitely belong in physics.  

Tessa with rosesWhat do you wish you had known about the department when you applied to the U in high school?

I wish I had known how willing everyone is to help. Coming out of high school, I felt very confident in my preparation and skills as a student, so when I started struggling in my first physics class I really questioned whether I was in the right major. It seemed like everyone was understanding the material except me. It took a long time for me to admit to some peers and my professor that I was having a hard time, but after reaching out I received so much help and support. I wish I could tell my high school self that physics is hard, but there‚Äôs a lot of people who will gladly help if you just ask.  

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Last Updated: 10/22/20