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Adam Beehler Lecture Demonstration Specialist  B-8 JFB 801-581-6602
Julie Callahan Program Coordinator - ASPIRE  266 INSCC 801-585-9331
Matt DeLong Nano Czar (Retired)  313 JFB 801-581-7462
        801-580-7246 C
Marcia Cook deWolfe Manager, Accounting Finance  203 JFB 801-581-6374     
Heidi Frank Administrative Manager/Chair's Assistant  201-C JFB 801-581-5697
Brad Hawks Unix Systems Administrator  304-B SP 801-585-5801    801-243-5583 C
Jennifer Kimpson Clerk  201-A JFB 801-585-1754
Zhiheng Liu Sr. Optical Engineer  192 INSCC 801-581-7001
Gary McDonough Senior Technician: Cosmic Ray  266 INSCC 801-581-7983
Frank Misak Administrative Assistant: Cosmic Ray  227 INSCC 801-581-6628
Ed Munford Machine Shop Manager  116 JFB 801-581-6242
      104 SP 801-581-6697

Ben Murphy 


Bryce Nelson 

Assistant Data Scientist


Executive Secretary


201 JFB




Vicki Nielsen Payroll Accountant  203 JFB 801-585-1485     
James Norwood Stockroom Store Keeper  114 JFB 801-581-6063
Jay Norwood PC Systems Administrator  304-E SP 801-581-6026
        801-503-5349 C
Krista Perkins Graduate Secretary  201-D JFB 801-581-6861
Mandi Peterson Receptionist  201 JFB 801-581-6901     
Harold Simpson Facilities Director  304-C SP 801-581-3839
        801-244-1017 C
Jeremy Smith Senior Engineer: Cosmic Ray  250 INSCC 801-581-5053
Michele Swaner Advancement Coordinator: Math, and Physics Astronomy  233 JWB 309 JFB 801-580-9590
Josh Tomlin Accountant  203 JFB 801-587-7839     
Stan Thomas Senior Engineer: Cosmic Ray  250 INSCC 801-581-8650
Lena Uta’i Accounting Clerk  203 JFB 801-581-5868     
Mary Ann Woolf Editorial Assistant (for large courses)  205 JFB 801-581-4246
Tamara Young Academic Advisor  202 JFB 801-581-7910
      240 CSC (Fridays) 801-587-0642

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Last Updated: 1/25/19