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Tamara Young


Academic Advisor

Office: 202 JFB
Office: 240 CSC (Fridays)
Phone: (801) 581-7910
Phone: (801) 587-0642 (Fridays)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Advising new, current and transfer students:
  • Course planning and prerequisites
  • DARS reports and degree requirements
  • University and departmental policies
  • DARS exceptions
  • Getting involved in the department, university and research!
  • Updating and editing departmental resources, including: Undergraduate Handbook, General Catalog, and Getting Ready Guides.
  • Outreach


The rumors that Tamara is a rocket scientist are greatly exaggerated. However, as Tamara did her graduate research in planet formation, she can understand your confusion. Tamara has always had a fascination with how the world works. Her interest in physics began in highschool. As an undergraduate at Utah State University, Tamara's studies focused on nuclear and particle physics. Her senior thesis was about the solar neutrino problem. This problem was solved between 2001 and 2003 when SNO observed, and Super-K confirmed that the mixing angle of neutrinos was much greater than previous measurements indicated. This was about the time that Tamara began grad school at the University of Utah. In grad school, Tamara took an interest in fluid dynamics, which led to her graduate research in planet formation. Tamara earned a Master's of Science in physics, but did not complete her Ph.D. After her Bachelor's degree, but before grad school, Tamara taught science and math for several years in the public education system. After grad school, Tamara again taught science and math in the public education system. For the last year, Tamara has taught astronomy at SLCC. With Tamara's background in physics and education, academic advising for physics is a natural career change. Tamara loves being able to join her two passions, working with students and talking about physics. Tamara is also a bit of a gardener, a foodie, and a quilter. She has also recently picked up the unfortunate habit of doing yoga. Be careful about bringing up any of these topics.

Last Updated: 12/21/18