The Conference on Polarization in Noble Gases was held October 8-13, 2017
at Park City Mountain Resort, Park City, UT with approximately 75 participants!

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The organizers would like to thank all of those speakers, poster presenters, participants, and representatives from our sponsors that attended the conference during a beautiful stretch of autumn weather in Park City. We had 12 invited topical speakers, 49 contributed abstracts, and 5 invited tutorial speakers. We hope to continue the tradition of this conference in three years (2020) at a location to be determined!

This international conference (held every three years) is devoted to presenting and discussing recent advances and current problems in the polarization, management, and applications of hyperpolarized gases (He, Xe, Kr, pure or combined with alkali vapors). Established as well as prospective fields of application in fundamental and applied physics, biomedicine, imaging, and instrumentation will be addressed. The conference spans all areas of expertise, from the physics of the polarization processes, to surface science, to lung physiology.


Topics included:

• Basics of optical pumping, MEOP & SEOP
• Polarization hardware, lasers & new techniques
• Polarized Targets • Fundamentals of MR imaging
• Magnetometry
• Hyperpolarized 3He Neutron Spin Filters
• Clinical applications
• Drug development
• Diffusion NMR in porous media
• Fundamental physics/symmetries tests
• 129Xe NMR in surface science

Support and Sponsorship of PiNG 2017 is gratefully acknowledged:



Invited speakers:

• Mitchell Albert Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute
• Talissa A. Altes University of Missouri
• Gordon D. Cates University of Virginia
• Wangchun Chen NIST-Gaithersburg
• Boyd Goodson Southern Illinois University
• John Kitching NIST-Boulder
• G. Wilson Miller University of Virginia
• Graham Norquay University of Sheffield
• Leif Schroeder FMP Berlin
• W. Michael Snow Indiana University
• Lutz Trahms PTB Berlin
• Anatoli Zelenski Brookhaven Nat'l Lab

Tutorial Speakers:

• Earl Babcock (Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany)
• Thomas R. Gentile (NIST-Gaithersburg, USA)
• Pierre-Jean Nacher (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France)
• Thad G. Walker(University of Wisconsin)
• James Wild (University of Sheffield, UK)

Scientific Organizing Committee:

• Chair: Brian Saam (Washington State University, USA)
• Earl Babcock (Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany)
• Thomas R. Gentile (NIST-Gaithersburg, USA)
• Jaideep Singh (Michigan State University, USA)
• Genevieve Tastevin (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France)
• James Wild (University of Sheffield, UK)


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