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Abstracts of Invited Topical Talks (alphabetical by last name)

Albert, Mitchell: Medical Applications of Hyperpolarized Noble Gases Including In Vivo HyperCEST Detection
Altes, Talissa: Developments in Lung MRI with Hyperpolarized 3He
Goodson, Boyd: Hyperpolarization of 129Xe and 131Xe by Clinical-Scale Stopped-Flow Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping
Kitching, John: A microfabricated source of hyperpolarized Xe atoms
Chen, Wangchun: abstract
Miller, G. Wilson: Polarized Nuclear Imaging: A Novel Approach for Imaging and Spectroscopy of Radioactive Nuclei
Norquay, Graham: Rapid Production of Highly Polarized Xenon-129 for Clinical MR Imaging
Schroeder, Leif: Efficient and Versatile Depolarization Hosts for Xenon Hyper-CEST Applications
Snow, W. Michael: Beyond Standard Model Physics Using Polarized Noble Gas
Trahms, Lutz: Precision of Precession Polarized Noble Gas Nuclei in the ultra-low field of BMSR2
Zelenski, Anatoli: Polarized 3He++ Ion Source Development at RHIC

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Abstracts of Contributed Oral Presentations (alphabetical by last name)

Abney, J.: abstract
Altiere, E.: abstract
Anderson, S.: abstract
Bidinosti, C.: abstract
Branca, T.R.: abstract
Cadman, R.V.: abstract
Degenkolb, S.: abstract
Driehuys, B.: abstract
Fu, C.: abstract
Higano, N.: abstract
Ino, T.: abstract
Jin, K.: abstract
Korchak, S. (presented by Kilian, W.): abstract
Kuchler, F.: abstract
Li, Tao (presented by Albert, M.): abstract
Rao, M.: abstract
Maul, A.: abstract
Musgrave, M.: abstract
Niederlander, B.: abstract
Reid, A.: abstract
Ryasnyanskiy, A.: abstract
Thrasher, D.: abstract
Wade, A.: abstract
Wang, T.: abstract
Zelenski, A.: abstract
Zemerov, S.: abstract
Zimmer, S.: abstract

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Abstracts of Contributed Posters (alphabetical by last name)

Antonacci, M.A.: abstract
Arthofer, C.: abstract
Babcock, E.: abstract
Boisvert, J.S.: abstract
Burant, A.: abstract
Claustre, J.: abstract
Collier G.: abstract
Fan, I.: abstract
Hassan, Md.T.: abstract
Irwin, R.: abstract
Jiang, Ch.: abstract
Killian, W.: abstract
Lang, M.: abstract
Palasz, T.: abstract
Plata, J.: abstract
Prete, B.: abstract
Rajalakshmi, G.: abstract
Schrank, G.: abstract
Schrank, G.: abstract
Terrano, W.: abstract
Zheng, G.: abstract
Zou, Sheng: abstract

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