Conference Registration

Students and postdocs may apply for limited funding in the form of a registration fee
and/or lodging subsidy provided courtesy of the National Science Foundation.

General Registration
(before January 13, 2016)
(click for online registration)
Lowered registration fee (see below)TBA
Late Registration (after January 13, 2016)+ $50

Social Events:

Banquet (Thursday, March 17, 2016)
(before March 7, 2016)

Abstract Submission

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Application for Lowered Fee & Lodging Support

Applicants for a lowered fee need not pay anything right now and will not be charged a $50 surcharge.

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Format for Posters:

Posters may be oriented in portrait or landscape, having maximum dimensions of 36.0 inches (91.44 cm) tall by 48.0 inches (121.92 cm) wide. Boards and easels will be provided at the meeting location to display posters. There are no restrictions on color usage.

Identifying your Poster:

The poster title and author names (including presenting author) must be clearly identified. If you bring or supply your poster in a poster tube, please make sure your name and institution are clearly labeled on the outside of the tube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the rough start/ending times of the meeting?
A: The meeting will begin on Sunday 3/13 at 16:30 (4:30 PM) and last until Friday 3/18 at 20:00 (8PM). There will be free time everyday from 12:00-4:30PM.

Q: Can I pay for the banquet separately?
A: Yes, you can pay separately at any time before March 7th, and you can pay for additional people as well. The registration website will give you an option to create a new badge for each person you wish to bring along.

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