March 23, 2010 - April 2, 2010

WELCOME to the 2nd annual SNOWPAC winter workshop. This year, SNOWPAC will also incorporate the specialized SNOWCLUSTER workshop.

The 2010 Snowbird Workshop on Particle Astrophysics, Astronomy & Cosmology (SNOWPAC), is a unique winter workshop on current topics in Astrophysics & Cosmology. By designing a workshop with a designated period of unscheduled conference hours each day for participants to meet in smaller groups, we seek to spark new cross-disciplinary ties that will lead to future research directions and collaborations. SNOWPAC is sponsored by the Physics & Astronomy Department at the University of Utah and the National Science Foundation.


SNOWPAC (March 23 - 28, 2010)


SNOWCLUSTER (March 28 - April 2, 2010)

Topics to be covered**


Topics to be covered**

  1. High energy cosmic rays     1. New SZ observations
  2. Gamma rays, new results from Fermi, DM annihilation     2. Combining SZ and X-ray data
  3. CMB (Planck, WMAP, SPT, ACT; new results on SZ cluster surveys)     3. X-ray observations and simulations of cluster mergers:
  4. High energy neutrinos        - turbulence, shocks, cold fronts
  5. Direct detection of dark matter, and dark stars        - how good are various mass proxies
  6. Cosmology with galaxies (BOSS, BAO, cosmic shear, etc. )     4. How relaxed are relaxed clusters:
  7. Dwarf galaxies         - in the cores
  8. Galaxy formation        - at large radii
      5. Evolution of cluster scaling relations: X-ray and numeric results
      6. Independent cluster mass estimates
         - convergence?
         - X-ray, X-ray + SZ vs. lensing
         - strong vs. weak lensing
      7. Effects of central AGN on the ICM dynamics and energetics
      8. Nonthermal ICM components:
         - magnetic fields, conductivity
         - radio halos

Organized and sponsored by Chandra X-ray Center at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago, and the University of Utah.



Both SNOWPAC & SNOWCLUSTER programs will consist of keynote and invited speakers, as well as contributed talks. There will be no parallel sessions. All sessions will be held during morning and evening sessions, with an afternoon intermission for skiing or collaborative activities. SNOWCLUSTER will also include poster session presentations.


Organizing Committees

Organizing Committee
Scientific Organizing Committee
Scientific Organizing Committee
Amber Bottari   Adam Bolton   Monique Arnaud
Kyle Dawson   Ben Bromley   Hans Boehringer
David Kieda   Kyle Dawson   Gianfranco Brunetti
Frank van den Bosch   Paolo Gondolo   John Carlstrom
    Inese Ivans   Eugene Churazov
    David Kieda   Douglas Clowe
    Gordon Thomson   Klaus Dolag
    Frank van den Bosch   Renato Dupke
        Ruediger Kneissl
        Andrey Kravtsov
        Maxim Markevitch


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