Session Name Title PDF
19 MAR
Dave Kieda Welcome PDF
Adam Bolton Conference Introduction N/A
Matt Auger The Structure of Massive Early-Type Galaxies PDF
Michele Cappellari Measuring Galaxy Mass Distributions via Dynamical Modeling PDF
Virginie Chantry High Precision Astrometry of a Sample of 25 Lensed Quasars: Consequences on Modeling PDF
Joel Brownstein The BOSS emission-line lens survey (BELLS) PDF
Eva Wuyts Constraints on the low-mass end of the mass-metallicity relation at z=1-2 from lensed galaxies. PDF
Timo Anguita Galaxy-scale lenses in the RCS2 PDF
19 MAR
Charlie Conroy Measuring real stellar masses of galaxies PDF
Aaron Dutton The structure of late-type galaxies PDF
Jes Ford Magnification by galaxy-group dark-matter halos PDF
Alexie Leauthaud Galaxy-galaxy lensing in the COSMOS survey PDF
Anupreeta More Investigating group-scale lenses with the CFHTLS-SL2S arcs sample PDF
Raphael Gavazzi Finding galaxy-scale strong lenses in the CFHTLS PDF
Matt George Where are the centers of dark-matter halos? PDF
Benjamin Cain High-resolution lensing mass maps of galaxy clusters using flexion PDF
Dan Coe CLASH: Precise new constraints on the mass profile of Abell 2261 PDF

20 MAR

Johan Richard Lensing by galaxy clusters PDF
Mike Gladders Defining lensing samples in large optical imaging surveys PDF
Megan Gralla SZ observations of strong lensing galaxy clusters: are lenses over-concentrated? PDF
Matthew Bayliss Testing the standard model of cosmology with giant arc statistics PDF
Peter Melchior Cosmology with the CLASH galaxy clusters PDF
Andisheh Mahdavi Multiwavelength Scaling Relations & Substructure in a Sample of 50 Clusters of Galaxies, Incl. Discussion of A520 PDF
Doug Clowe Dark Bump Hunting: A Weak Lensing Mass Reconstruction of the Merging Cluster A520 PDF
Clowe/Mahdavi Joint question period N/A

20 MAR

Keren Sharon Source-plane reconstruction of the bright lensed galaxy RCSGA 032727- 132609 PDF
Jane Rigby Physical conditions of star formation at z~2, as probed by the brightest gravitationally lensed galaxies PDF
Eiichi Egami The Herschel Lensing Survey (HLS) PDF
Hai Fu A Herschel-selected strongly lensed submm galaxy at z = 3.3 PDF
Joaquin Vieira High-redshift strongly lensed submillimeter galaxies PDF
Shane Bussman SMA observations of lensed galaxies at z>2 discovered by Herschel PDF
Yashar Hezaveh Strongly lensed sources in mm-wave surveys PDF
Marusa Bradac KECK, HST, & the universe's largest cosmic telescopes team up to study z~7 galaxies PDF

21 MAR

Simona Vegetti Mass substructure in gravitational lens galaxies: first constraints on the mass function beyond the local universe PDF
Xinyu Dai X-ray observations of gravitational lenses PDF
Chris Fassnacht A SHARP-looking survey for substructure PDF
Ross Fadely Next-generation substructure constraints from hundreds of lensed quasars PDF
Christopher Morgan The USNA/USNO lensed quasar monitoring program: recent results PDF
Dandan Xu On the effects of line-of-sight structures on lensing flux-ratio anomalies in a LCDM universe PDF

21 MAR

Shude Mao Near-field microlensing PDF
Cristian Eduard Rusu High-resolution observations of SDSS gravitationally lensed quasars with the Subaru Telescope PDF
Ana Mosquera The microlensing properties of a sample of 87 lensed quasars PDF
Jeremy Schnittman Microlensing signature of binary black holes PDF
Dominique Sluse New insights on quasar central regions from microlensed quasars PDF
Ian McGreer An HST snapshot survey for gravitationally lensed z~6 quasars PDF
Malte Tewes COSMOGRAIL : mass production of QSO lens time delays PDF
Subo Dong Near-field microlensing PDF

22 MAR

Hendrik Hildebrandt CFHTLenS - Survey overview & cosmological measurements N/A
Mike Hudson CFHTLenS - Galaxy-galaxy lensing results PDF
Bryan Gillis CFHTLenS - Probing group & satellite halos PDF
Konrad Kuijken The KiDS lensing survey PDF
Ami Choi Galaxy-mass & galaxy-galaxy correlations on 10 Mpc scales in the Deep Lens Survey PDF
Tereasa Brainerd The importance of simulations for the interpretation of galaxy-galaxy lensing observations PDF
Joerg Dietrich The impact of galaxy cluster ellipticity on stacked weak-lensing analyses PDF
Jonathan Blazek Intrinsic alignment in galaxy-galaxy lensing PDF

22 MAR

Phil Marshall Discovering lenses in wide-field imaging surveys PDF
Chrisopher Fluke GPU-accelerated gravitational lensing PDF
Georgios Vernardos A new exploration of the systematics of magnification maps using GPUs PDF
Tommaso Treu The problem of follow-up: JWST & adaptive optics PDF
Chihway Chang Drawing photons from the future -- the LSST photon simulator & shear systematics studies PDF
Leon Koopmans Strong lensing with EUCLID & SKA PDF

23 MAR

Eric Huff Magnification & cosmic shear from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey PDF
Chris Morrison Magnification Tomography with the Deep Lens Survey PDF
Marcelle Soares-Santos Weak lensing analyses in the SDSS Stripe 82 coadd PDF
Bob Armstrong Weak-lensing cosmology with the Dark Energy Survey PDF
F. William High Weak gravitational lensing by clusters in the South Pole Telescope survey PDF
Tim Eifler Combining weak lensing with other probes of large-scale structure PDF
David Kirkby Meeting the challenge of shape measurements PDF
Stefan Hilbert Simulations of gravitational lensing: primordial non-Gaussianity & weak lensing PDF

23 MAR

Elisabeth Krause Weak lensing power spectra for precision cosmology PDF
Genevieve Graves Weak lensing magnification using a photometric fundamental plane PDF
Michael D. Schneider Dark-matter halo shapes & alignments PDF
Bhuvnesh Jain Tests of gravity with lensing & other methods PDF
Anna Barnacka First evidence for a gravitational lensing-induced echo in gamma rays with Fermi LAT PDF
David Spergel Cosmic microwave background lensing PDF
Sudeep Das CMB lensing as an astrophysical probe PDF
Alexander van Engelen Detection of lensing with the cosmic microwave background with the South Pole Telescope PDF

S. Mark Ammons The most powerful cosmic telescopes for observing the high-redshift universe
Julien Carron Information escaping the correlation hierarchy of the weak lensing convergence field PDF
Daniel Chapman EBEX, a balloon-borne CMB polarization experiment PDF
Bin Chen Constraining AGN corona geometry using strong lensing by the Schwarzschild/Kerr space-time JPG
Sanghamitra Deb Taming the giants: lensing by supermassive clusters JPG
John P. Hughes Optical properties of millimeter-wave sources from the SPT/ACT surveys JPG
Yipeng Jing Host halo mass of galaxies determined with SDSS
Alina Kiessling A new weak-lensing simulation pipeline
Haniyeh Mahmoudian Hubble constant from B0218+357 PDF
Julian Merten Towards an understanding of galaxy clusters JPG 1, JPG 2
Hee-Jong Seo Dark energy from the log-transformed convergence field JPG
Blake Sherwin Cross-correlation of CMB Lensing with QSOs & Other Tracers JPG
Xun Shi Weak-lensing three-point statistics: theoretical concerns
Yiping Shu Evolution of the Velocity-Dispersion Function of Luminous Red Galaxies JPG
Michael Troxel Self-calibration techniques for 3-point intrinsic alignment correlations in weak lensing surveys PDF
Oleg Tsupko Gravitational lensing in presence of plasma PDF
Massimo Viola Flexed universe JPG 1, JPG 2
Kenneth Wong Optimal mass configurations for lensing high-redshift galaxies PDF

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