March 24 - 27, 2013



Sunday, March 24, 2013

Indications for selfinteracting dark matter in galaxy cluster observations Julian Merten PDF
Properties of satellite galaxies in cold & warm dark matter models Louis Strigari PDF
Can Baryons Rescue Cold Dark Matter? Matthew Walker PDF
Search for light dark matter with Xrays Michael Loewenstein PDF
Constraints on Dark Annihilation from the Stacked XMM-Newton Spectra of Galaxy Clusters Esra Bulbul
The 10-Meter South Pole Telescope: Unraveling The Mystery Of Dark Energy Christian Reichardt PDF
Galaxy Clusters as Laboratories for Astroparticle Physics Christof Pfrommer PDF
Review of Recent Planck Results Andrey Kratsov

Monday, March 25, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
Welcome Remarks Maxim Markevitch N/A
From X-ray observables to the total mass in galaxy clusters: biases, limitations, results Stefano Ettori PDF
Distribution of baryons in galaxy clusters Andrey Kravtsov PDF
A cosmological value for the gas mass fraction from Chandra measurements Max Bonamente PDF
Cosmological constraints from X-ray gas mass fractions Adam Mantz PDF
Measuring the gas content of galaxy groups & clusters from the thermal SZ effect power spectrum Kaustuv Basu PDF
Joint Analysis of X-ray & Weak Lensing for the JACO/CCCP Cluster Sample Andi Mahdavi PDF
X-ray c-M relation: Theory & Observations Elena Rasia PDF
Halo profiles & subhalo properties from a statistical sample of re-simulated cluster-size halos Hao-Yi Wu PDF
Exploring the SZ & X-ray scaling relations with MUSIC clusters Federico Sembolini PDF
X-ray & SZ Performance Benchmarks for redMaPPer Clusters Eli Rykoff PDF
Suzaku at the Outskirts Mark Bautz PDF
Azimuthally Resolved X-Ray Spectroscopy of the Perseus Cluster Out to Its Edge Ondrej Urban PDF
Thermodynamic properties of the outskirts of the nearest, X-ray brightest galaxy clusters Aurora Simionescu PDF
Extending measures of the ICM to the outskirts: facts, myths, puzzles & SZ Silvano Molendi PDF
Shock Waves in Cluster Outskirts Dongsu Ryu PDF
Sculpting Cosmic Gas into Clusters Mike McCourt PDF
The Effects of Accretion History on the SZ Signal Ian Parrish
Shapes of X-ray emitting gas in simulated & observed clusters Erwin Lau PDF

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
An Observational Snapshot of the R-ICM Larry Rudnick PDF
Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters Robert Laing PDF
Non-thermal properties of galaxy clusters: radio halos as signposts of cluster mergers Tiziana Venturi PDF
Acceleration of cosmic rays in galaxy clusters & radio halos Gianfranco Brunetti PDF
Limiting the Off-State of Relativistic Plasma in Clusters Shea Brown PDF
Revising scaling relations for giant radio halos in galaxy clusters Rossella Cassano PDF
Radio Halo Statistics in Cosmological Simulations Paul Ricker PDF
The Rise & Fall of Giant Radio Haloes in Galaxy Clusters Julius Donnert PDF
Diffusive Shock Acceleration at Cosmological Shock Waves Hyesung Kang PDF
Probing shocks & particle acceleration in cluster outskirts with radio observations Reinout van Weeren PDF
AMR Simulations of Galaxy Cluster Radio Relics Sam Skillman PDF
Observations of radio minihalos in sloshing cool cores Simona Giacintucci PDF
Simulating Radio Minihalos in Sloshing Galaxy Clusters John ZuHone PDF
Tracing the ICM with Non-thermal Radio Emission: Observations & Instrumentation Tracy Clarke PDF
The impact of merger shocks on the evolution of clusters; LOFAR Huub Rottgering PDF
Cluster Science with the Murchison Widefield Array & the Australian SKA Pathfinder Melanie Johnston-Hollitt PDF
Abell 2256: a high radio frequency view Monica Trasatti
An SZ take on radio halos: Comparative analysis between SZ & X-ray selected cluster samples Kaustuv Basu
Particle acceleration in clusters; similarities with solar wind Ian Parrish

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters & Beyond Klaus Dolag PDF
Galaxy clusters observations at gamma-ray energies - status & prospects Olaf Reimer PDF
NuSTAR's Hard Look at the Bullet Cluster: First Results Dan Wik PDF
Ultra-Deep Chandra Observation of the Outskirts of Abell 133 Alexey Vikhlinin (presented by M. Markevitch)
Weighing the Giants: Accurate Weak Lensing Mass Measurements for Cosmological Cluster Surveys Anja von der Linden PDF
Lensing analysis of simulated galaxy clusters Massimo Meneghetti PDF
Mass & light maps of four massive galaxy clusters from early DES data Peter Melchior PDF
Magnification by Clusters in CFHTLS Wide Jes Ford PDF
Weak Lensing Analysis of the cool core cluster RXC J1504-0248 Ana Cecilia Soja PDF
Consistency of galaxy cluster mass estimates inferred from weak gravitational lensing & large scale clustering Yun-Hsin Huang PDF
Dynamical analysis of the merging cluster Abell 1758 Rogerio Monteiro-Oliveira PDF
Turbulence capabilities of Astro-H Tetsu Kitayama PDF
Predicting Turbulence in Galaxy Clusters for Astro-H Daisuke Nagai PDF
Prospects of measuring ICM turbulence with Astro-H Irina Zhuravleva PDF
Probing Gas Motions in the Intra-Cluster Medium with Emission Line Profiles Cien Shang PDF
Observing Clusters with AXSIO & other future missions Randall Smith PDF
SMART-X Bill Forman PDF
The ESA L2/L3 mission selection process David Lumb
Discussion of prospective ESA L2 & L3 missions for 2028 & 2034 Etienne Pointecouteau,
Stefano Ettori

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
X-ray observations of shock fronts in merging galaxy clusters Helen Russell PDF
Suzaku view of the radio relic clusters Hiroki Akamatsu PDF
Cold fronts & gas stripped galaxies as probes of ICM properties Elke Roediger PDF
Sloshing Cold Fronts & Cluster G-modes Paul Nulsen PDF
Galaxy cluster cores: stirred, not shaken Uri Keshet PDF
On the formation of metal abundance peaks in cool-core clusters: hints from cluster WARPJ1415.1+3612 at z=1 Sabrina De Grandi PDF
Beyond the (cool) cores: large scale sloshing in the ICM Mariachiara Rossetti PDF
The Structure & Substructure Analysis of DAFT/FADA Clusters of Galaxies in the Redshift Range 0.4-0.9 Melville Ulmer PDF
New X-ray substructure statistic & cluster classification scheme Daniyar Nurgaliev PDF
Intracluster medium of 14 clusters of galaxies with substructures Kiran Lakhchaura
Simulations & MHD Turbulence in Galaxy Clusters Tom Jones PDF
Peering under the rug: The ICM from a plasma physicist's perspective, & why you should care Matt Kunz PDF
Temperature - magnetic field ordering in the ICM Eugene Churazov PDF
Constraining the Transport Properties of the ICM with Cold Fronts John ZuHone PDF
Constraining thermal conduction in the ICM using observed temperature profile in relaxed clusters Brock Russell
Cold gas in cluster cores - the fuel for feedback Alastair Edge PDF
Filamentary cold gas in nearby giant ellipticals Norbert Werner PDF
Gaseous Outflows in Cluster Cores (including ALMA results) Brian McNamara PDF

Friday, March 29, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
Chandra & VLA Observations of Supermassive Black Hole Outbursts in M87 & Implications for Feedback in Early-Type Galaxies Bill Forman PDF
Feedback Through ICM/AGN Interactions in the Cores of Galaxy Groups & Clusters Scott Randall PDF
UV Morphology & Star Formation in CLASH Brightest Cluster Galaxies Megan Donahue PDF
The Evolution of AGN Feedback in Brightest Cluster Galaxies Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo PDF
AGN Feedback & Star Formation in Cluster Cores Mark Voit PDF
Black hole accretion & feedback driven by thermal instability Massimo Gaspari PDF
Cosmic ray dynamics inside the Cygnus A radio-X-ray cavity Bill Mathews PDF
The Physics & Cosmology of TeV Blazars Christoph Pfrommer
On The Road To More Realistic Galaxy Cluster Simulations: The Effects of Radiative Cooling & Thermal Feedback Prescriptions on the Observational Properties of Simulated Galaxy Clusters Stephen Skory
A type 2 QSO in the central galaxy of the distant cluster SPT-CLJ2344-4243 Shutaro Ueda
Interferometric SZ Measurements with CARMA Tom Plagge PDF
The SZ cluster sample from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope Felipe Menanteau PDF
Relation Between Galaxy Cluster Optical Richness & SZ Effect Neelima Sehgal PDF
What's New with El Gordo? Jack Hughes PDF
Planck results on the Coma cluster Pasquale Mazzotta PDF
Planck results on cluster pressure profiles Etienne Pointecouteau PDF
An Optimal & Model-Independent Measurement of the Pressure Profile of Hot Gas in Clusters of Galaxies Using the SZ Effect Siavash Aslanbeigi PDF
Recent Results from the Bolocam SZ Cluster Program Jack Sayers PDF
High Resolution 9" Observations of the SZ Effect with MUSTANG at 90 GHz Tony Mroczkowski PDF
The first observation of galaxy clusters via the thermal SZ effect with Kinetic Inductance Detectors using the NIKA camera Remi Adam PDF
A blind detection of a large, complex, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich structure with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager Timothy Shimwell
Estimating Radio Source Contamination for Large SZ Cluster Surveys Devin Crichton



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