March 22 - 25, 2013


Friday, March 22, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
Snowmass 2013: NonWIMP dark matter Alexander Kusenko PDF
Snowmass 2013: New Light, Weakly Coupled Particles Rouven Essig PDF
Supersymmetric Qballs & dark matter Ian Shoemaker PDF
Searching for Qballs with HAWC Peter Karn PDF

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
Review of asymmetric dark matter models Ray Volkas PDF
Cosmology & phenomenology of asymmetric dark matter models Kalliopi Petraki PDF
Spinning & Bouncing into an Asymmetric Universe Clifford Cheung PDF
Indirect detection of asymmetric selfinteracting dark matter Lauren Pearce PDF
New Neutrino Physics, & Sterile Neutrino N_eff Dark Matter George Fuller PDF
Dark Matter & Baryon Asymmetry in the nuMSM Takehiko Asaka PDF
Light dark matter at a keV scale: moduli, sterile neutrinos, etc. Alexander Kusenko PDF
Constraints on Sterile Neutrinos from the Fermi Gammaray Burst Monitor Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins PDF
Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter Kim Griest PDF

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
Axion properties & prospects Roberto Peccei PDF
Axion Detection with NMR Peter Graham PDF
Status of present & future axion experiments Jamie Ruz PDF
Indications for selfinteracting dark matter in galaxy cluster observations Julian Merten PDF
Properties of satellite galaxies in cold & warm dark matter models Louis Strigari PDF
Can Baryons Rescue Cold Dark Matter? Matthew Walker PDF
Search for light dark matter with Xrays Michael Loewenstein PDF
Constraints on Dark Annihilation from the Stacked XMM-Newton Spectra of Galaxy Clusters Esra Bulbul
The 10-Meter South Pole Telescope: Unraveling The Mystery Of Dark Energy Christian Reichardt PDF
Galaxy Clusters as Laboratories for Astroparticle Physics Christof Pfrommer PDF
Review of Recent Planck Results Andrey Kratsov

Monday, March 25, 2013

Event Speaker Slides
DAMIC experiment Javier Tiffenberg PDF
Constraints on Bosonic Dark Matter From Observations of Old Neutron Stars Jason Kumar PDF
Direct detection of sub-GeV dark matter Jeremy Mardon PDF
Closing remarks Alexander Kusenko N/A



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