Awards, Promotions & Recognition: Fall 2009

Our world-class faculty are renowned scholars, recognized both nationally & internationally for their research achievements. in Fall 2009, many of our faculty and students were recognized for their achievements.



David Ailion
International Society of Magnetic Resonance
(ISMAR) Fellow 2009
This fellowship identifies achievers in magnetic resonance. It carries with it an associated responsibility and advocacy for this community of science.

Christoph Boehme
NSF Chemistry Career Grant
Pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance - Advancing underrepresented groups in science through breakthroughs in materials spin spectroscopy

Mikhail Raikh
2010 Graduate & Postdoctoral Mentor Award
This award recognizes faculty who effectively serve as a teacher, advisor,, advocate, sponsor & role model to guide graduate students and postdoctoral scholars throughout their professional training in a continuing, multifaceted partnership sustained by mutual respect and concern

Andrey Rogachev
National Science Foundation Early Career Award
Quantum Tunneling in Superconducting and Ferromagnetic Nanoscale Structures.

Dave Kieda & Stephan LeBohec
MRI-R2 Consortium:
Development of Improved Instrumentation for the VERITAS Gamma-Ray Observatory

John Lupton & Eugene Mishchenko
Scialog Grant: Solar Energy Conversion Nanoplasmonic focusing of light fields to amplify non-linear optical effects in composite photovoltaics.

Clayton Williams & Christoph Boehme
MRI-R2 Consortium: Development of a Low Temperature Single Spin Tunneling Force Microscope.


Christoph Boehme - Associate Professor+tenure, Associate Chair
Stephan LeBohec - Associate Professor+tenure
John Lupton - Full Professor
Eugene Mishchenko - Full Professor


College Awards
Awards from the College of Science given to Physics & Astronomy students:
Thomas J. Parmley Scholarship: Janvida Rou
Kennecott Scholarship: Jessica Johnston
Dean’s Scholarship: Kevin Siegel, Drew Thompson, Jessica Johnston, Jamie Rankin, Michael Bentley
Goldwater Honorable Mention: Jamie Rankin
Crockett Scholarship: Michael Bentley, Jessica Johnston, Jonathan Ng
Crocker Science House Scholars: Laurel Hales, Zachary Matheson, Jonathan Ng, Jamie Rankin, Drew Thompson

Department Awards
Outstanding Graduate Student: Jon Paul Johnson
Outstanding Teaching Assistants: Doug Baird, Kip VanSchooten, David Waters
Outstanding Research Award: Tho Nguyen
Outstanding Graduating Seniors: Tyler Bradshaw, Nelson Diamond
Outstanding Undergraduates: Daniel Filler, Laurel Hales
Hiatt Scholarships: Tobin Bennion, Jonathan Ng
Department Scholarships: Elena Duryusheva, Jessica Johnston, Jamie Rankin, Matthew Stanford