Awards, Promotions & Recognition: Fall 2010

Our world-class faculty are renowned scholars, recognized both nationally & internationally for their research achievements. in Fall 2010, many of our faculty and students were recognized for their achievements.



David Ailion
International Society of Magnetic Resonance (ISMAR) Treasurer 2011

John Belz
National Science Foundation Award
Pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance - Advancing underrepresented groups in science through breakthroughs in materials spin spectroscopy

Adam Bolton
Two Hubble Space Telescope Observing Guest Observer Cycle 18 Awards
A Strong Lensing Measurement of the Evolution of Mass Structure in Giant Elliptical Galaxies, and SLACS for the Masses: Extending Strong Lensing to Lower Masses and Smaller Radii. These NASA grants provide both observing time on the Hubble space telescope as well as substantial research funds for students and research activities

Inese Ivans
University Teaching grant: Astronomy Fundamentals for the 21st Century

Dave Kieda
Fellow of the American Physical Society
“For development and use of innovative ground-based astrophysical techniques to discover new sources of very high-energy gamma-rays, and for the discovery and study of cosmic rays at the highest energies. Nominated by: Astrophysics (DAP)”

Saveez Saffarian
Interdisciplinary Teaching Grant
Science on the Stage, a joint award with faculty in Theatre and Medical Ethics.

Yong-Shi Wu
Fellow of the American Physical Society
“For his contributions to the mathematical foundations of quantum physics--particularly for his work establishing
profound connections between physical laws and topology and geometry.”



Nick Borys
J. Irvin & Norma Swigart Fall 2010 Graduate Scholarship

Peter Brown
“Improving Standard Candles through Ultraviolet Studies: The Effect of Host Galaxy Environment on Type Ia Supernovae”

Jessica Johnston
SPS 2010 Leadership Award & Goldwater Scholarship Finalist

Upul Samarasingha
Best Undergraduate Talk
APS meeting Oct 2010 “The Origins of the Elements -- An Educational Web-Site”

Eric Sorte
Best Graduate Student Talk
APS meeting October 2010
“Long-time Behavior of Nuclear Spin Decays in Various Lattices “