Upcoming Events

Over the next few months, the department is hosting or will be involved with a number of exciting events and conferences.


Martin Luther King Week

January 17 - 21, 2011
Reaffirming Equal Opportunity
Keeping the Dream Alive

The 27th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration will be cosponsored by the Hinckley Institute of Politics and the Office for Equity & Diversity. Keynote Address by Dr. Michael A. Olivas, Director of the Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance at the University of Houston. Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw, a founder and leader of the Critical Race Theory. Further details will be posted online in the coming weeks.
For more information visit www.science.utah.edu & www.diversity.utah.edu

SnowPAC 2011 Conference

January 30 - February 5, 2011
Prof. Kyle Dawson

SnowPAC 2011 will focus on experimental, observational, computational, and theoretical aspects of high energy astrophysics and cosmology. The workshop will also feature special sessions that cover the topics of dark matter, X-ray polarimetry, and AGN astrophysics. SnowPAC 2010 will be held January 30- February 5, 2011.
For more information visit www.physics.utah.edu/snowpac

Commencement, Convocation & Graduation

May 6, 2011
University Commencement Activities
Huntsman Center - 9:00am
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Graduation Reception
James Fletcher Building - 1:00pm
College of Science Convocation
Kingsbury Hall - 3:30pm