GradSAC News

by Zayd Ma - GSAC Chairman

The GSAC has been running monthly graduate student seminars with great success; we average about 30 students a talk and it is still growing. The discussions are always lively and we encourage students who aren’t already coming to do so.

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Computer Memory Takes a Spin

Photo Credit: Tom Bear Photography

Physicists Read Data after Storing It in Atomic Nuclei 112 Seconds

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Dec. 16, 2010 — University of Utah physicists stored information for 112 seconds in what may become the world’s tiniest computer memory: magnetic “spins” in the centers or nuclei of atoms. Then the physicists retrieved and read the data electronically – a big step toward using the new kind of memory for both faster conventional and superfast “quantum” computers.

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Past Events

Since the beginning of Fall semester, the Department of Physics & Astronomy has been involved in many activities and events that have increased its visibility in the community, and helped strengthen internal relations as well.

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Upcoming Events

Over the next few months, the department is hosting or will be involved with a number of exciting events and conferences.

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Department Unveils New Website

In November, the Department of Physics & Astronomy unveiled its new website, www. This reorganized website was created in-house with the purpose of broadening the department’s mission and presence, as well as fostering a closer engagement with individuals and organizations in both the local and global communities.

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