Department Says Farewell to Two Professors

The department bid farewell to Professors Frank van den Bosch and Dane McCamey, who both left the University in June 2010 to pursue other academic opportunities. Van den Bosch accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in Astronomy at Yale University, and McCamey became a Discovery Fellow of the Australian Research Council at the University of Sydney, Australia.


Frank van den Bosch

Frank van den Bosch joined the department in January 2009 from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy. His research in theoretical Astrophysics focused on the various theoretical aspects of cosmology, large scale structure, and galaxy formation. Van den Bosch was very active in his 18-month tenure; he taught Extragalactic Astronomy & Cosmology, published 27 papers, gave multiple scientific presentations across the country, served on the Department Policy Board, the Intellectual Explorations Committee for the College of Science, and the Organizing Committee for SNOWPAC/SNOWCLUSTER 2010. He also recently published his third book, Galaxy Formation and Evolution, along with collaborators Hojun Mo and Simon White.

Dane McCamey

Dane McCamey, whose academic background is physics-based, was hired at the University in 2007 as a post doctoral associate working with Professor Christoph Boehme, doing research in Spintronics. He was promoted to Research Assistant Professor in July 2009. In his time at the university, he received the Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher award, published multiple papers, book chapters, and gave many invited talks. His research was also featured in Scientific American magazine and the MIT Technology Review. McCamey, along with Boehme, and other collaborators, was awarded a patent in 2009 for developing a method for the generation of nuclear hyper-antipolarization in solids without the use of high magnetic fields or magnetic resonant excitation.