GradSAC News

by Zayd Ma - GSAC Chairman

The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) has made and plans to continue making some changes to create a more interactive and cohesive environment for graduate students in the Department. First, Graduate Student Seminars were instituted last year and have been popular and well received. These seminars are an opportunity for graduate students to give a talk in a low stress environment to an audience of fellow students as well as inform the student body about current work around the department. The graduate students have heard talks from William Baker, Nick Borys, Zayd Ma, Monica Allen, Ben Mangum, and Dustin Winslow. The year with conclude with Rob Roundy and we have students lined up for fall already.


The website underwent substantial overhaul last year and our Co-Chair Elect, Mark Limes, has volunteered to further update the website this summer.

The GSAC has increased usage of available ASUU (Associated Students of the University of Utah) funds and helped fund four students to various conferences. In addition several request for travel grants have been placed for summer travel.

Lastly, we are considering ideas to increase casual student-faculty interaction and graduate student cohesion for the coming year.

Zayd Ma, Kipp van Schooten, Mark Limes

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