GradSAC News

by Eric Sorte - GSAC Chairman

The Graduate Student Advisory Counsel (GSAC) has been making some changes recently to create a more interactive and cohesive environment for graduate students in the department. First, Graduate Student Seminars have been reinstated. Seminars are held the first Wednesday of each month at 3pm in JFB 102. These seminars are given by graduate students to an audience of fellow graduate students. So far, we’ve had a great deal of interest in giving talks, and each seminar has been very well attended. The graduate students have heard talks from William Baker, Nick Borys, and Zayd Ma to date, and there is substantial interest from the graduate student body in giving talks in the coming months. These seminars have been a great success. Additional monthly activities and gatherings have been largely successful as well and are ongoing, helping new and current graduate students to mix and interact. If you are a current graduate student in the department interested in giving a talk, please contact myself or Chair-Elect Zayd Ma. It is a great way to practice for an APS talk or qualifying exam, or simply to let us know what you are working on.


Additionally, the GSAC website has been reworked and updated with many new useful tools. Among other features, current graduate students can register on the site and provide biographical and research information about themselves to the student body. Also, alumni of the college can now register and provide employment information in order to maintain a standing network of department alumni on which new graduates can rely for job searching purposes. In addition, an effort is made to list all new publications our graduate students author and co-author. The website is a great resource for answering questions, researching faculty as potential advisors, and planning your graduate school career and beyond.

Visit GSAC’s new website: