Chairman ’s Welcome

Hello Friends,

In July, I was contacted by the Interim Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs Mike Hardman, to offer me the opportunity to serve the University as the Dean of the Graduate School. After consideration of the challenges and opportunities this position would bring, and after discussions with several faculty and staff members, I accepted this position, which became effective August 1, 2013.


Pierre Sokolsky, the Dean of the College of Science, has appointed Professor Carleton DeTar to become the next Chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy. I am very pleased to announce that he has accepted the position. Carleton has a long history of service to the department and is an outstanding theoretical physicist with a strong research effort. He was also the recipient of this year’s University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award. I look forward to working closely with Carleton to make sure that the department continues on its strong upward path. The Department of Physics & Astronomy is in excellent shape and we will do everything we can to keep it that way.

In closing I want to say it has been a privilege to work with the Department of Physics & Astronomy faculty, staff, and students during the past six years. This is an amazing department, built upon open communication, mutual respect and trust, and a shared vision of opportunity, excellence and friendship. We have had phenomenal growth in terms of the quality of the teaching, research, and public outreach missions of the department. In my new position as Dean of the Graduate School, I will work with Chairman DeTar, Dean Sokolsky, Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs Watkins, and President Pershing to continue the upward trajectory of the Department of Physics & Astronomy.
With Best Regards,

Dave Kieda

Carleton DeTar